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Top 5 automation trends

Top 5 automation trends - 8 -

Top 5 trends from the report by the World Economic Forum:

1. The trends 2020 have shaped the term “Pandemic Technology Development” is  the super-fast acceleration of automation in various industries.

2. In the next 5 years the share of automation in modern production and logistics enterprises will increase to 50%.

3. By 2025 human and machine will work as equals in an enterprise and will become commonplace:

  • new digital technologies;
  • e-commerce as the main sales channel;
  • ability to process huge amount of information;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • software robots;
  • cloud solutions.

4. These trends will cut 85 million jobs worldwide. However, according to the WEF experts, 97 million new ones will be created by 2025. Experts expect a significant increase in demand for such specialists:

  • data analysts
  • artificial intelligence specialists and machine learning
  • digital marketing and process automation.

5. It’s only a hybrid transition model, and robots will do more and more work. So it’s important to reconfigure your manufacturing and business processes for global change.

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