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ILS Industry. 5 years of KAPELOU manufacturing

ILS Industry. 5 years of KAPELOU manufacturing - 8 -

On 18 October, we celebrated the 5th anniversary of the KAPELOU – ILS Industry manufacturing. Learn more about the reconstruction of the manufacturing in the past years and our further plans.

In the last 5 years, ILS Industry has grown from a small assembly hall in Kiev to a total area of 21,000 m2 spread over several locations in different parts of Ukraine. Here, with the help of innovative and high-quality materials, we manufacture technological equipment for warehousing – conveyors, vertical conveyors, AGVs, stacker cranes, sortation systems and R&D products.

In order to be even closer to the end customer, 2023 we also started production in Europe, guaranteeing reliability, high product quality and the best conditions.

We not only perceive our customers’ wishes, but thanks to our own production facilities and our research and development team, we develop robotic warehouse equipment that implements these wishes in the best possible way. We are able to manufacture our technological products ourselves, because in-house production means independence from many suppliers and direct influence on quality at every stage of the manufacturing of warehouse equipment: From the selection of raw materials to the final product.

Despite all the circumstances, several relocations, the opening of new production facilities and the development of new types of warehouse equipment, the year 2023 is marked by stabilisation for ILS Industry. Today, 22 high-precision machines are in use in our own production, which have already produced more than 955,000 parts. We plan to further expand ILS Industry and develop the company technologically.

It is a matter of course for our employees to manufacture all parts with technical perfection and in compliance with standards and deadlines. We would like to thank our team for their tireless efforts and commitment to the production of warehouse equipment, the basis for KAPELOU’s technological solutions. Together we can do everything!

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