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Having own Wikipedia page is a prestige for any company. Wikipedia is the world’s largest publicly available multilingual online encyclopedia. This online directory is ranked 5th among the most visited websites. For example, in March 2020, the site had about 50 million articles containing information from various sciences.

Wikipedia is considered the most complete of all encyclopedias that humanity once created. The collection of scientific knowledge is written by independent experts and volunteers from around the world. In addition, all changes and additions to articles go through several stages of moderation.

Ukrainian Wikipedia is on the 17th place among all the language sections of the wiki-encyclopedia and contains more than 1,083,995 entries. It was in this section that the first article about KAPELOU appeared.

The publication on Wikipedia is a landmark event for our company. On its pages, the encyclopedia contains proven facts about significant industry enterprises. Also, the online directory publishes articles about organizations that affect the development of the economy of the region and the entire state.

The expert article contains information about the areas of activity of KAPELOU, about structural divisions. The authors have revealed in sufficient detail the history of the development of our company. The page also tells about the achievements of our corporate football team – FC KAPELOU, which is especially pleasant for our players and the entire KAPELOU Family.

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