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KAPELOU is planning tory for NURE students

KAPELOU is planning tory for NURE students - 8 - kapelou.com

On September 7, representatives of KAPELOU met with students and masters of the Faculty of Automation and Computerized Technologies of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (NURE). The purpose of the event was to familiarize students with the prospect of opening a new training center – a laboratory on the basis of the CITAM department.

The opening of a laboratory with KAPELOU equipment with the latest generation of components from the world’s top manufacturers will give students the opportunity to undergo practical training and internships right at the university. In addition, it will allow them to acquire applied knowledge in the areas in demand today. This is emphasized by the representatives of the company “KAPELOU” – General Director Oleksandr Klymenko, R&D Director of KAPELOU Maksym Vzhesnevskiy and HR Director Oksana Kozlova.

The general director of the KAPELOU company, Oleksandr Klymenko, notes the importance of students receiving applied education: “We popularize the engineering specialty, because we strive to turn Ukraine into a country of innovations. It is important to understand: painstaking work and specialized knowledge of engineering professionals help to implement large-scale international projects that are of colossal social significance. The symbiosis of thorough theoretical training provided by NURE and real applied knowledge gives an unsurpassed result. Obtaining applied education is possible on condition of daily practice using high-tech equipment.

The goal of KAPELOU’s cooperation with the Ukrainian university is to provide an opportunity to receive applied knowledge for students who have a thirst for learning and strive to be real engineering professionals. Thus, after graduating from a higher educational institution, students will have a broader picture of their specialty and its areas of application.”

Therefore, very soon, the arsenal of NURE students will be replenished with a stand with an automation system, which includes ultramodern electronics from leading European manufacturers.

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