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KAPELOU opened a representative office in Germany

KAPELOU opened a representative office in Germany - 8 - kapelou.com

KAPELOU has opened an official representative office in Europe. The European office is located in the very heart of technology and mechanical engineering, in Germany, at Lustheide 85, 51427 Bergisch Gladbach.

The main business goal of KAPELOU is to become the number one company for Europeans in the automation of warehouses for small and medium-sized projects. At the moment, KAPELOU already has projects in Germany, Georgia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Hungary. Opening a company in Europe testifies to the desire to be closer to our client, to hear his needs.

Live communication of European clients with KAPELOU EU will make the communication of both parties more efficient, facilitating the process of project implementation.

Contact person of KAPELOU EU:
Tobias Frohn, tel. +49 2204 70 60 160
Mob. +49 152 546 708 31
E-mail: tobias.frohn@kapelou-europe.com

KAPELOU products and services are in demand in the European market, where the level of development of the industry is one of the highest in the world. The company makes every effort to fully comply with it: it ensures the best quality of manufactured equipment, develops unique integrated solutions, implements an individual approach to each client. We choose components, raw materials and even machines for the manufacture of parts from reliable European suppliers and partners. Everything in order to guarantee the client the durability, high precision and high performance of the equipment. KAPELOU is guided by the regulatory framework and complies with all European standards in the production of equipment.

The first thing we start from is the client’s needs and priorities. The main tasks faced by customers are to increase the quality and speed of order processing, to reduce costs and dependence on staff shortages, especially during peak periods – Black Friday, New Year, Christmas, seasonal fluctuations in demand. All these tasks are solved by the basic line of KAPELOU – roller and belt conveyors, lifts, mezzanines and platforms. And the technologies used to create solutions allow you to achieve maximum efficiency and optimal budget. Thus, we make solutions for the automation of warehouse complexes available for different levels of business.

The opening of an official representative office in Europe is the desired result of our 8 years of work and at the same time this is the first confident step towards global goals. This is an indicator of the quality of KAPELOU products and the competence of its specialists, which testifies to the confidence of Europeans in our equipment and complex solutions.

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