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KAPELOU at SITL 2021 in Paris

KAPELOU at SITL 2021 in Paris - 8 - kapelou.com

On September 13, 2021 representatives of the company KAPELOU visited the international professional exhibition of innovative solutions in the field of transport, logistics and supply – SITL. The event is held annually in France. The purpose of the event and the main task is to demonstrate innovations and achievements in the field of logistics, transport services, automation and mechanization of warehouse and loading and unloading operations.


Transport and Logistics Innovation Week (SITL) was established in 1983. Over the years, the SITL exhibition has become an authoritative forum, which thousands of people strive to get to from different parts of the world. In numbers, SITL has 30 000 participants, 8 awards, 100 conferences and 550 exhibitors. KAPELOU is a company that is rapidly developing and entering new sales markets. Therefore, we decided to plunge into the professional atmosphere at an international event in France.

Innovations in each of the eight represented sectors, uniting the entire supply chain, became the leading theme of this exhibition. Representatives of the KAPELOU company noted that many logistics solutions were presented at the exhibition, mainly outside the warehouse.

More than 550 exhibitors presented solutions that can modernize their business. The guests of the exhibition had only three days to arm themselves with new knowledge to create a successful business. In this they were aided by seminars and workshops with renowned business experts. Participants had the opportunity not only to receive ready-made innovative solutions, but also to find out what will be relevant tomorrow in advance. In addition, the exhibition is an opportunity to find new suppliers and partners, exchange experience and professionalism in a favorable atmosphere.

KAPELOU attends and participates in international events regularly to present its innovative solutions to the public and find like-minded people. The visit of KAPELOU to SITL in France brought a lot of useful insights and acquaintances – both with the novelties of the French market in the field of automation, and with potential partners.

8 main sectors was presented at SITL 2021:

  • Transport & Logistics Services.
  • Intralogistics, Robotics & Automation.
  • Packaging & Pallet.
  • Technologies, IoT & Information Systems.
  • Energy & Transport Equipement.
  • Real-Estate & Logistics Infrastructures.
  • Security, Safety & Cyber.
  • Cold Chain by SELFI.
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