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KAPELOU at the “27th Ukrainian Logistics Day”

KAPELOU at the “27th Ukrainian Logistics Day” - 8 - kapelou.com

On 25 November, representatives of KAPELOU took part in the “27th Ukrainian Logistics Day”.

The Managing Director of KAPELOU, Oleksandr Truba, together with the Managing Director of Quantum International, Bartosh Furman, presented the report on “Automation of processes in the warehouse: the secret of efficiency and profitability”.

The two spoke about the challenges, problems and difficulties of automation, especially for Ukrainian companies, and presented possible joint solutions.

The automation of warehouse processes with the help of highly effective conveyor and sorting systems, industrial robots, pick-by-light, put-to-light as well as the introduction of warehouse management systems (WMS) have become virtually an absolute must for modern companies. Increased demands on the efficiency of warehouse processes, cost optimisation, lack of space and personnel – this is the reality of modern warehouse logistics. Companies have a great interest in implementing comprehensive automation of the entire warehouse or individual areas of the warehouse. The following points need to be considered:

  • time and cost savings;
  • modularity, mobility;
  • user-friendliness, flexibility.

Together with our partner Quantum International, we found solutions to the difficulties our customers and suppliers face. The most common difficulties are the following:

  • Difficulties of the customer in the WMS selection: On-site support and its cost, identical reference systems, project documentation, reservations about new things.
  • Difficulties of the customer in selecting the systems: Quality and costs, delivery times and installation duration, throughput, service and availability of spare parts, reliability and energy efficiency.
  • Implementation difficulties: Start-up, internal problems with IT, lack of internal structures, unwillingness to discard the old way of working, replacement of the WMS system, lack of experience of the workforce.

Together with our partners, we develop a suitable solution for every challenge. A complex solution is based on the flexible Qguar warehouse management system and KAPELOU automated production system. Thanks to the cooperation of KAPELOU and Quantum International, the customer receives an automation system that, in addition to the desired productivity and precision of the processes, also offers ready integration modules and a reliable data exchange system.

The joint realization of three projects within the last 2 years, including four-way integration, the many years of experience in the realization of several hundred individual projects as well as the quality of implementation guarantee our customers successful project realization and thus a competitive advantage.

In their report, the two managing directors summarised the advantages that our customers achieve through comprehensive warehouse automation:

  • plannable, transparent processes;
  • high productivity;
  • efficient use of warehouse space;
  • relief for staff;
  • mobility.

Many thanks to TradeMasterGroup for organising the 27th Ukrainian Logistics Day and to our customers for their trust. We were very pleased to be able to present our experience and solutions for overcoming the challenges of modern warehouse logistics here. We are already looking forward to the next eve!



Ukrainian Logistics Day is a platform for sharing experiences with representatives of the logistics industry. The event brings together industry experts dealing with all stages of the supply chain, improving goods productivity in warehousing, transportation, IT support for companies, as well as human resources in logistics.

Special offerings at the event:

  • presentation of solutions, services, equipment and machinery for logistics;
  • Ukrainian Logistics Award 2022 (initiated by Trade Master Group);
  • 30 thematic reports by leading representatives of the logistics industry.
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