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    IT solutions

    IT solutions by KAPELOU ensure increase in the efficiency of your automated warehouse operations. We develop custom software that takes into account particular features of each specific logistics system, monitors and controls operation of the equipment.

    Flexible IT solutions for your warehouse

    Software solutions offered by KAPELOU ensure coordinated functioning of all automated equipment units and allow its integration into the warehouse management system (WCS).

    We develop warehouse control systems that can be easily parametrized to fit unique business processes of your warehouse. You can unassistedly reconfigure the software to scale the automation system or adapt it to any changes in the intra-warehouse logistic processes. Intuitive interface can be used for routing of conveying flows, adjusting the conveying speed, acceleration or setting other system parameters.

    We offer HMI-solutions based on touch screen and programmable push button operator panels. Implementation of Human Machine Interface (HMI) allows personnel to control warehouse processes and respond to changes in functioning of the equipment in a timely and flexible manner.

    Types of IT solutions

    KAPELOU offers the following IT equipment management solutions: WCS and HMI-based solutions enabling interaction between the warehouse operator and the automation systems.
    IT solutions by KAPELOU — effective warehouse automation management, predictability and comprehensive control

    Why choose us?

    KAPELOU offers complete integrated warehouse automation solutions. Software and HMI constitute an integral part of each automation project. We guarantee 24/7 customer support for our automation solutions. Please contact us to get a reliable automation system and build up confidence in efficient operation of your warehouse.

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