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    Buffer sequencer

    Warehouse solutions based on conveyor equipment. Generates waves of orders according to the specified criterion.

    Order picking optimisation based on conveyor elements, using the “goods-to-person” principle. Easy scaling as the number of orders grows.

    Reduces the number of employees involved in the picking process. Guarantees time savings and efficient use of storage space.

    The buffer sequencer
    is a time-saving solution, that makes
    work easier for warehouse staff

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    The buffer sequencer implements the “goods-to-person” principle. The main advantage of this system is that the employee’s work path is shortened, which saves a lot of time. The warehouse workers stay at their assigned positions, while the products for each order are delivered to the picking station by conveyor.

    “Goods-to-Person” (G2P) is a modern method of order processing that combines automatic storage and picking. The goods are temporarily stored in a buffer system and automatically transported to the employee. This has the following advantages:

    • time saving;
    • increased productivity in order picking;
    • avoidance of picking errors.

    The use of the buffer sequencer in warehouse operations has the following advantages:

    • enables a fully automated process for adding boxes with goods for picking;
    • corrects errors in picking and sorting goods in the warehouse;
    • independently assembles the boxes required for picking an order;
    • enables orders to be sorted, picked and delivered to the packing area in the shortest possible time;
    • enables efficient use of storage space;
    • ensures high productivity with low power consumption;
    • enables the handling of significantly more orders in less time.

    KAPELOU designs a buffer sequencer specifically adapted to your needs, taking into account the requirements of your automation system. The following aspects are taken into account: Throughput, weight, size of the goods.

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    Buffer sequencer - processes up to 600 boxes per hour

    How does the KAPELOU buffer sequencer work?

    1. The conveyor belt delivers the boxes of the different product groups in random order.

    2. The boxes are sorted by order with the automatic barcode scanner.

    3. Lift No. 1 moves all the boxes to one of the levels of the buffer sequencer to complete an order.

    4. All boxes are collected on each level until all boxes of an order are together.

    5. All boxes in an order are returned to the conveyor line via lift no. 2 and then conveyed to the order picker.

    Technical specifications of the buffer sequencer for order picking

    Technical data of the buffer sequencer

    Conveyor Productivity
    max. 600 boxes/hour (with 4 tiers)
    Number of belts
    Boxes per level
    from 2 boxes per level (max. limited only by the length of the conveyor belt)
    Conveyor loading height in stock
    Number of levels
    2 to 16 levels
    Length of storage shelves
    Conveyor belt width
    up to 800 mm
    Number of storage cells of equipment
    Type of packaging
    plastic boxes, 600x400 mm, up to 35 kg
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    The buffer sequencer solution solves the problem of peak loads in highly dynamic e-commerce, FMCG, manufacturing and distribution.

    The KAPELOU buffer sequencer enables better coordinated processing of orders in the shortest possible time.

    The solution significantly increases employee productivity, minimises employee involvement in the picking process and saves working time. This leads to a significantly higher number of orders that can be processed in less time.

    Characteristics, which are improved by the buffer sequencer, using the example of a project, that has already been implemented:

    Number of employees: reduction from 87 to 33

    Working area: before 6,270 m2 / after 3,000 m2

    Number of orders: before 12,000 / after 12,000

    Highest precision, automatic sorting, space-saving

    The buffer sequencer reduces manual intervention during picking to a minimum, guarantees high picking accuracy and efficient use of storage space.

    Facts about the KAPELOU solution

    Turnkey complete solution. KAPELOU combines all steps of the warehouse automation solution: consulting, production of the conveyors, installation, commissioning and service support.


    Teamwork. The design, engineering, mechatronics and service departments work together to develop and implement solutions. In addition, each project is assigned its own project manager. This ensures that the project tasks are considered as a whole, that the optimal solution is selected and that it is implemented with the highest quality.


    Experience from more than 622 projects. Our systems of varying complexity are in use throughout Europe! Our automation solutions have proven successful in practice!


    24/7 service and maintenance. Once the system has been commissioned, we offer round-the-clock technical support. As part of the service contract, a service team is assigned to each project to ensure that all technical problems are solved immediately.

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