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    Curved belt conveyor

    Quick transport of goods between different storage areas.

    Curved belt module easily integrates the conveyor line into any warehouse configuration. It changes the direction of goods movement in the required direction by 30⁰–90⁰.


    Quick transport of goods between different storage areas.

    Curved belt module easily integrates the conveyor line into any warehouse configuration. It changes the direction of goods movement in the required direction by 30⁰–90⁰.


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    The curved element of the belt conveyor can be easily integrated into a new or existing belt conveyor line. It allows to create an optimal line route even in complex configurations of warehouse, installed equipment. It is designed with maximum strength, provides high load capacity up to 150 kg. It can transport:

    • crate;
    • container;
    • plastic tray;
    • cardboard box;
    • envelope;
    • polyethylene soft wrap;
    • unpackaged goods.

    This module is particularly suitable for continuous operation in baggage handling systems and parcel delivery services. The optimized design allows for easy belt replacement.


    Tare size for rotary belt conveyor

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    Technical data
    of the curved belt conveyor

    Nominal rotation angle
    Operating speed
    Up to 3 m/s
    Belt width
    900 mm
    Transportation side
    Power capacity
    Up to 3 kW
    Power supply voltage
    220-242 V (Δ)/380-420 V (Y) 50 Hz
    Structural coating
    Galvanized steel

    Main advantages of the curved belt conveyor

    • Regulated movement speed
    • Safe transportation
    • Transport of goods with or without transport packaging
    • Wear-resistant belt made in Germany
    • Smooth start and stop of the conveyor line
    • Low noise level at intensive operation up to 65 dB
    • Integration with all types of warehouse equipment
    Curved belt conveyor section in a line for moving goods

    Curved belt conveyor module for maximum transportation efficiency

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    To move goods between different areas of the warehouse, a curved section of the belt conveyor is often used to change the path of the goods at angles of 30⁰, 45⁰, 60⁰, 90⁰. This allows you to move packages in the desired direction, bypass corners and other warehouse equipment, or take the shortest route of the belt conveyor line.

    Curved belt sections make belt conveyors flexible. Allow you to smartly utilize available warehouse space and improve business processes by creating an efficient conveyor solution for your production area. The curved belt conveyor design reduces unnecessary conveyor length and product handling time. The versatility of the section allows you to integrate it into your existing warehouse equipment and meet even the largest product transportation specifics.

    When used in conjunction with other warehouse equipment, the curved belt conveyor brings a number of advantages to almost any goods handling logic.

    The advantages of curved belt conveyors make them ideal for industries with intensive goods transportation requirements. These include e-commerce order fulfillment companies, parcel processing companies, distribution centers, etc.

    Why is our warehouse equipment efficient?

    Reliability of equipment and curved bеlt conveyor: the company’s engineers design conveyor equipment taking into account the specifics of goods and conditions of warehouse or production processes. Quality equipment and components of leading brands provide acceleration of the technological chain. Uninterrupted operation noticeably increases the profitability of business and strengthens the competitive advantages of the enterprise.


    More than 10 years of experience: almost every object of our company is connected with special project conditions. We know exactly what needs to be taken into account so that our client gets the expected result.


    Precise installation of conveyor equipment: all works are performed by qualified employees of the service and installation departments, who have permits to work at high risk and perform installation in strict accordance with the drawings. The time of installation works is agreed with the customer, taking into account the specifics of warehouse operations and warehouse opening hours.


    24/7 technical support and scheduled inspections: under a service contract, each conveyor line is assigned a rapid response team. Our customers receive timely technical support.

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