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    Inclined Belt Conveyor

    Quickly lowering and raising goods to different levels and floors of the warehouse.

    Automating the transportation of goods in the warehouse is the key to efficient order processing.

    How does an inclined belt conveyor work?

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    Inclined belt conveyors are often used to move goods between warehouse floors and different mezzanine levels. The maximum angle of inclination can be up to 16 degrees. The equipment consists of three modules: two outermost sections and a central inclined section.

    The inclined conveyor can transport piece goods weighing up to 70 kg. The maximum dimensions are not more than 1200×700 mm. The inclined conveyor transports:

    • plastic trays;
    • cardboard boxes;
    • polyethylene soft packaging;
    • bags;
    • envelopes.

    The inclined belt conveyor uses a belt with a higher coefficient of friction of the working surface for better grip on the goods.

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    Technical data of the inclined belt conveyor

    Operating speed range
    0,2 - 2 m/s
    Nominal belt width
    450/650/800 mm
    Angle of inclination
    380/400 VAC, Nord/SEW Eurodrive, with frequency converter NORD
    Up to 3 kW
    Structural coating
    Galvanized steel
    Decking material
    Sheet steel, 3 mm
    Support profile
    C+ -profile, 45x100x45x15x3 Steel – Wuppermann, Germany

    Features of our inclined conveyors

    1. Modularity. Our equipment can be assembled from individual prefabricated units.
    2. Quiet operation, reduced vibrations. The bearing surface for the belt is sheet steel. This allows for quieter operation, reduced vibrations.
    3. In-house production of rollers/drive rolls.
    4. Using the highest quality belts from the world’s leading manufacturer.
    5. Long service life.
    Elevating and lowering on an inclined belt conveyor

    What tasks the inclined belt conveyor solves

    The inclined belt conveyor solves the problem of moving goods in multi-level warehouses. With its help, goods are quickly and without delay lowered for order picking, lifted for storage and moved between warehouse zones. The efficiency of goods handling with the inclined belt conveyor remains unchanged even during peak times in highly dynamic e-commerce, FMCG, manufacturing and distribution warehouses.
    Why is our equipment and inclined belt conveyor for warehouse efficient?

    Reliability of inclined conveyor modules: the company’s engineers design conveyor equipment taking into account the specifics of goods and conditions of the client’s warehouse or production processes. Quality equipment and components of leading brands provide acceleration of the technological chain. Uninterrupted operation noticeably increases the profitability of business and strengthens the competitive advantages of the enterprise.


    More than 10 years of experience: almost every project of our company is connected with special working conditions. We know exactly what to look for in a warehouse and what details need to be taken into account in order for our customer to get the expected result.


    Precise assembly of inclined conveyor modules: all works are performed by qualified employees of service and assembly departments, who have certificates and permits for high risk works and perform assembly in strict compliance with the drawings. The time of installation work is agreed with the customer, taking into account the specifics of warehouse operations and warehouse opening hours.


    24/7 technical support and scheduled inspections: under a service agreement, each line is assigned a rapid response team. Our customers receive timely and high-quality technical support.

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