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    Industrial robots

    Equipment for warehouse and production automation with modern robots.

    Runs without interruption in a small space in the warehouse. Ensures precision work and saves resources. Easy integration into the warehouse system.

    KAPELOU adapts the robot to the specific application situation by designing and manufacturing the grippers itself.

    Industrial robots –
    automating the handling of goods in the warehouse and in production

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    A turnkey solution – everything from a single source. We analyse the individual customer requirements and operating procedures, design an efficient robot arm system and put it into operation.

    Space-saving in the warehouse. The industrial robot has a small footprint and a large radius of movement, so that a large working area can be covered with a minimum footprint.

    The compact models (MotoMini) offer various mounting options – on the floor, on the wall or even on the ceiling. This allows the industrial robot to be used even in densely built-up areas.

    High productivity in storage areas. The industrial robot is fast and reliable. It makes work easier for the staff and improves the working conditions for the team. This significantly increases productivity in the warehouse.

    Flexible. We design customised systems for your company with industrial robots. With grippers from our own production, the robot arm is able to handle a wide range of packaging types.

    Increasing the quality of order processing. The industrial robot is characterised by a very accurate repeatability. This guarantees a high quality of order processing. The error rate is zero – manual work is reduced or eliminated.

    Minimal maintenance. A modern robot arm requires a minimum of maintenance thanks to the use of asynchronous motors and high-quality gears.

    Lower operating costs. A robotic arm replaces manual work and can handle warehouse processes around the clock. This significantly reduces the company’s operating costs.

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    Industrial robots - guaranteed precision of work processes and maximum efficiency

    Robot arm: the advantages of its use

    • The industrial robot offers high working speed and precision
    • Depending on the customer’s needs, different grippers can be used for different storage processes
    • The robot arm works with loads from 0.5 kg to 800 kg. Most operations are handled with a payload of 88 kg
    • Occupies pallets within minutes (up to 10 minutes on average)
    • Enables better space utilisation in the warehouse by decentralising the handling of goods
    Benefits of using a robotic arm in the warehouse

    Technical data of the MOTOMAN GP88
    industrial robot

    Conveyor Productivity
    88 kg
    Roller load on conveyor rollers
    630 kg
    Belt width
    Max. operating radius
    2236 mm
    Tilt angle
    Number of axles
    Conveyor operating temperature
    Operating temperature range
    0 to +45 С°

    Powerful robot arm. Possible applications for warehouse processes

    Industrial robots - 8 -

    A robotic arm is a type of industrial device that works like a human hand. Industrial robots are the driving force in the development of manufacturing and warehousing processes. They increase efficiency, enable new responsibilities and a sensible division of tasks between man and machine.

    They guarantee optimum speed, precision and range of motion. Depending on customer requirements, we offer small models as well as those with a longer reach.

    1. Palletising and depalletising. The use of robots arm with computer vision systems and special software enables automated palletising/depalletising while increasing speed and precision.

    Palletising is a simple task for an industrial robot as it requires minimal movement. Depalletising is more complex and usually requires machine vision and advanced termination systems. In palletising/depalletising, the robot arm handles up to 300 containers per hour.

    2. Sorting. The industrial robot arm sorts up to 800 packages per hour according to order, delivery direction or product type – depending on the customer’s requirements. Thanks to the gripper from our own production, the robot arm can easily process packages of different sizes, work with soft packages, trays and boxes. Sorting is fast, precise and error-free.

    3. Placement in the warehouse. The industrial robot arm moves an average of 500 to 1,000 items per hour. The industrial robot quickly moves the goods from the conveyor belt to the storage location in the warehouse and places them in the correct compartments.

    4. Order picking. The robot arm can pick up to 500 goods per hour from the storage compartment and place them carefully in the compartment according to the order.

    An example of the use of an industrial robot in the context of a project

    Industrial robots - 8 -

    In our own production facility we manufacture grippers with which an industrial robot can carry out the following processes in a warehouse: Palletising, depalletising, moving boxes and packages, sorting.

    The grippers are manufactured by KAPELOU:

    1. сontainer grippers that snap into the openings of the container and move it safely;
    2. vacuum suction pads that allow the transport of a wide range of products;
    3.  customised grippers that pick up goods from the conveyor belt and transport them to storage locations in the warehouse.

    We develop complete solutions tailored to the customer’s needs and implement them on a turnkey basis. For example, following an individually designed solution, we installed a new production line using a MOTOMAN series industrial robot from our partner Yaskawa for a well-known manufacturer of cable and wire products for cars.

    The industrial robot is designed to transport loads of up to 80 kg, lower and lift transport containers, and palletise and depalletise transport containers. It operates according to a preset algorithm for recognising the container position using the computer vision system. Optimum handling is set automatically and all customer requirements are taken into account during development.

    Read more about this project in the section “Our projects” under the following link: click here

    An example of the use of a robot arm for sorting

    Industrial robots - 8 -

    The Speedbot is a device for the fast transport of goods to storage locations.

    Each robot arm has its own functions. We have developed a gripper arm to complement it. It enables the industrial robot to sort goods from the conveyor belt to the storage locations in the warehouse. The Speedbot efficiently sorts packages according to customer orders or delivery destinations. It can handle all types of packaging and places the packages from the conveyor belt into the correct compartments quickly and accurately.

    The Speedbot industrial robot from KAPELOU:

    • moves an average of 500 to 1,000 containers per hour;
    • handles soft packs, trays and crates;
    • sorts goods with dimensions of 400x400x600 mm and a weight of up to 30 kg;
    • easy integration into the WMS;
    • saves energy.

    A Speedbot video can be seen here: click here

    Highest precision,
    automatic sorting, space saving.

    The industrial robot minimises manual operations, ensures high accuracy in product handling and efficient use of storage space.

    Facts about projects

    Turnkey total concept. Our company offers all phases of warehouse automation: Consulting, production of conveyor systems, installation, commissioning and customer service.


    Teamwork. The design department, the mechatronics department, the assembly and service department work on the development and implementation of the project, and a project manager is assigned to each project. This ensures that the project tasks are considered as a whole, the optimal solution is developed and the quality of the implementation is guaranteed.


    Experience from more than 622 projects. Our automation systems of varying complexity have been tried and tested in Ukraine and Europe and have proven their effectiveness in practice.


    Service 24/7. After the system has been commissioned, we offer technical support. Within the framework of a service contract, a service team is responsible for each system, ensuring quick clarification of all technical questions.

    Development and control

    Industrial robots - 8 -

    Industrial robots are widely used and popular in e-commerce warehouses, the automotive and pharmaceutical industries, postal and courier services and many other sectors.

    Thanks to the in-house development and production of customised grippers, the functionality and characteristics of the robot arms are adapted to the needs of the respective warehouse. This makes the industrial robot an integral part of the warehouse system, maximising the benefits and allowing the industrial robot to work without interruption.

    Regardless of the complexity of the industrial robot, we develop and test its functionality in our own production centres. Every movement is tested and refined before it is integrated into the customer’s warehouse.

    The safety of the personnel is paramount. We install a laser safety system in the working area of the robot arms. It detects when an operator enters the machine’s work area and stops the machine until the employee has left the work area. The robot arm cables are also routed inside the industrial robot body – this does not interfere with other equipment and increases safety in the warehouse.

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