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    Order picking and fulfillment

    Reducing the route of pickers – improving the quality of picking.

    4 times faster order picking in the warehouse. Automated picking allows faster and more efficient order fulfillment, as the work is performed automatically without errors and failures.

    High efficiency and

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    Maximum storage density, convenient picking and replenishment of gravity flow racks, automatic transportation of completed orders by conveyor line significantly increase the efficiency of the warehouse.

    • Up to 35% of space saved. High storage density
    • FIFO/LIFO principle. Orderly storage of goods
    • x5 to productivity. Increased productivity compared to shelf racks.
    • x4 to efficiency. Reduction of time intervals of goods movement
    • 1 time per year. Minimal maintenance – once a year
    • Safety. Minimizing the risks of accidents and damage to goods during transportation


    Tare size for the sampling operator

    Automated order picking reduces labor and error costs and improves customer service, making this process a key element of the logistics chain more efficient and convenient for the business and its customers.

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    Order picking and fulfillment area

    Throughput of standardized order picking and fulfillment solutions:

    • cargo type: plastic tray / corrugated box;
    • cargo weight: 35 kg / 20 kg;
    • throughput: 400-600 operations/hour.

    Comparison of automated and manual order picking

    Order picking and fulfillment - 8 - kapelou.com

    The efficiency of automated order picking vs. manual order picking is 1×4

    Manual process:

    • 20 trays/hour;
    • 20 kg;
    • Person-to-Goods principle.

    Automated process:

    • 80 trays/hour;
    • 35 kg;
    • Goods-to-Person principle.

    Automated order picking has a significant advantage in speed, accuracy, productivity. It makes efficient large warehouses and logistics centers with the processing of a significant number of orders. Such equipment allows scaling up and multiplying the warehouse capabilities.

    Equipment for automated order picking

    Order picking and fulfillment - 8 - kapelou.com

    Warehouse equipment used in automated order picking systems includes:

    1. Driven roller conveyor. Order picking in the warehouse on the basis of driven roller conveyors allows precise control of the speed and direction of movement of goods, which is necessary for proper order picking and fulfillment. The conveyor saves energy, secures the cargo, provides for easy reconfiguration due to its modular design and increases the overall productivity of the warehouse.
    2. Gravity flow racks. This type of equipment has well thought-out ergonomics and guarantees unloading speed x5 compared to shelf racks, reducing the time intervals of moving orders. Thanks to gravity flow racks, space is freed up for storage and picking of goods. Warehouse space is used as efficiently as possible, turnover increases, and the error rates in order picking tend to zero.
    3. Pick by Light. Facilitates order picking in e-commerce warehouses, distribution centers, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and assembly lines. Pick by Light’s intuitive interface and light cues allow operators to pick goods faster and increase order picking productivity by up to 50%. And with accurate display information, Pick by Light helps avoid errors and guarantees 99.99% order picking accuracy.
    4. WCS. Warehouse Control System is a software module for controlling the operation of equipment in the warehouse. It synchronizes the work of personnel, automation system and goods flow. WCS plays an important role in the order picking process, because it controls the picking of goods on the shelves and monitors compliance with orders. It greatly facilitates picking by determining the shortest and optimal route of goods movement.
    Why is our warehouse equipment efficient?

    Reliability of modules and equipment for picking: the company’s engineers design equipment taking into account the specifics of goods and conditions of warehouse or production processes. Quality equipment and components of leading brands ensure acceleration of the technological chain. Uninterrupted operation noticeably increases the profitability of business and strengthens the competitive advantage of the enterprise.


    More than 10 years of experience: almost every project of our company involves special project conditions. We know exactly what points need to be taken into account so that our customer gets the expected result and efficient order picking.


    Precise assembly of modules and equipment: all work is performed by qualified employees of the service and assembly departments, who have permits for high-risk work and perform assembly in strict accordance with the drawings. We agree with the customer on the time of installation of the equipment, taking into account the specifics of warehouse operations and warehouse opening hours.


    24/7 technical support and scheduled inspections: our customers receive timely technical support. Each conveyor line is assigned a rapid response team, under a service contract.

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