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    Pick by Light, Put to Light

    Need to double the order picking rate and increase picking accuracy up to 99.99%?

    Both Pick by Light and Put to Light are intuitive paperless order picking systems designed for effective material flow management at warehouses and distribution centres.

    Advantages of Pick by Light and Put to Light systems

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    Paperless order picking system simplifies order fulfilment process, reduces picking time, helps to control movement of goods within your warehouses and cut down logistics costs. This solution can be used in warehouses equipped with gravity flow racking, shelving or pallet racking.

    KAPELOU implements paperless picking and placing systems both as an independent solution based on the existing warehouse environment and as an element of complete integrated automation.

    Main advantages of Pick by light and Put to Light systems:

    • Paperless picking process
    • 50% increase in picking productivity
    • Accuracy of order processing up to 99.99%
    • Optimization of order picking procedure
    • Improved management control level
    • Integration into WMS
    • Easy to use system

    The technology is used in warehouses and applications with wide assortment of items and fast turnover, such as e-commerce, distribution centres, pharmaceuticals industry, production and assembly lines.

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    Pick by Light and Put to Light systems — guaranteed order picking and placing accuracy

    How Pick by light and Put to Light work?

    All information about the product and exact number of items to be picked or placed is shown on order display. The operator confirms that the pick or placing is finished by pressing the confirm button or his action is acknowledged by a sensor.  The picking or placing information is communicated to the warehouse management system (WMS).

    KAPELOU solutions based on Pick by Light and Put to Light paperless picking systems provide an effective way to increase order processing speed, reduce errors to zero, ensure timely order picking and thus strengthen competitive advantage of your business.


    Operating temperature range
    0 ...+40 °С / -25 ... +40 °С (frostproof versions)
    up to 250-600 lines per hour
    up to 90%
    Picking display
    3- and 6-character
    Types of keys/buttons
    Acknowledgement, functional (up/down)
    LED (red, green, orange, blue, pink, light blue)
    Catalogues and documentation

    Accuracy, speed, reliability

    Order picking and warehouse optimization solutions from KAPELOU ensure increase in the efficiency of your warehouse and can be expanded as your business grows.
    What will you get by choosing the Pick by Light solution from KAPELOU?

    Custom-tailored approach. Our team will deliver a solution suited for the needs of your warehouse, taking into account special features of your processes and products.


    Complete solution. All stages of the automation systems development, including consulting, design, production of equipment, installation, commissioning and service maintenance during the entire lifetime, are now concentrated “under one roof”.


    Experience. Our portfolio includes more than 590 completed projects of different complexity levels for customers throughout Europe. We relay on up-to-date techniques and practical experience gained, always delivering state-of-the-art solutions to our customers.



    More than 50 000 Pick by Light and Put to Light buttons installed. Perfect co-ordination of team efforts provides our customers with a level of assurance in reliability and trouble-free operation of the systems.



    24/7 customer support. Based on the maintenance servicing contract, incident response and maintenance team is assigned to each your automation system, which ensures timely handling of all technical issues and regular preventive inspections.

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