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Automated warehouse of the largest courier service in Hungary, 60,000+ parcels per day

Express One, Budapest, Hungary

Express One is the largest courier company in Hungary. It delivers more than 60,000 parcels daily and is part of the Austrian Post. The warehouse has an area of 8,500 m2.

This project consisted of automating several areas of the warehouse. Bowe Austria did part of the project by implementing a sorting solution for standard parcel sizes and approached KAPELOU for a sorting solution for oversized parcels.

The client’s main objectives were:

  • to obtain a turnkey solution for transporting large parcels;
  • to provide passage for forklift trucks;
  • to achieve a system capacity of up to 1000 parcels per hour;
  • to enable the handling of big parcels, particularly parcels with irregular shapes (maximum dimensions – 1200x600x500 mm, weight 50 kg);
  • to integrate with the existing sorting system.
Project implementation period:
June 2022
Business sector:
Courier service

The proposed solution based on belt conveyors and a platform with cantilever profiles made it possible to sort large-sized parcels and to deliver them to the existing sorting system without obstructing the passage of machinery.

The 40-meter-long belt conveyor line transports up to 1,000 parcels of different shapes and weights per hour. A platform with cantilevered profiles leaves room for warehouse workers to work on the existing sorting system.

The conveyor is divided into 4 parts: the first part goes on a standard height of 700 mm from the floor, the second part is a gentle rise to the platform, the third part goes on the platform, the fourth part is a gentle descent from the platform to a height of 700 mm from the floor. This solution allows passage under the automation system KAPELOU.

Equipment used in the project:

A turnkey solution in partnership with Bowe Austria allowed the customer to achieve the main goal of sorting standard, oversized and non-standard shaped parcels.

The project for Express One was implemented together with our strategic partner Bowe Austria. The Bowe Group has three main divisions:

  • systec (processing and sorting letters, documents, mails, etc.)
  • IQ (Warehouse related Software)
  • intralogistics (Automated parcel sortation)

Thanks to Bowe Systec for their support and assistance, which made the implementation of the project possible.