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Automation of the Pickup point in 3 days

Epicentr K, Kramatorsk, Ukraine

Epicentr K is one of the leaders in retail in the Ukrainian market. Today, the chain includes 66 Epicentr shopping centres, 10 hardware hypermarkets name Nova Liniya, 52 sports stores name INTERSPORT, logistics facilities and its own production.

Since 2016, the company is rapidly developing an online service and currently in the online store presents more than 1.5 million products of various categories, such as: utensils, household chemicals, furniture, automotive products, accessories and plants for the garden, sports goods, office and more. The main advantage for buyers is the ability to pick up orders for free at any Pick-up Centre of “Epicentr” in Ukraine.

In 2019, the company opened a shopping centre in Kramatorsk with an area of ​​17,500 m2. Here are about 110 thousand items. Given a large number of online orders, Epicentr is actively developing its own Pick-up Centre and transforming them into modern automated customer service points. With this task that the company turned to KAPELOU.

The following tasks were defined for the Pickup point project in Kramatorsk:

  • automate the transportation of goods between floors of the warehouse;
  • simplify the work of staff;
  • increase the speed and accuracy of order processing.
Project implementation period:
August, 2021
Business sector:
E-commerce, DIY, Retail

This project has become significant for us! That’s because, we set up the equipment in less than half an hour, and the installation work took only 3 days. This integration was faster than the in 26 projects similar to this. This speed of work was possible because of the specialized Warehouse X System (WXS) software developed by our R&D centre specialists and standardized conveyor modules.

WXS is a cross-platform software that has an intuitive interface that allows you to configure the equipment in a few minutes and simplify the management of warehousing processes.

Warehouse X System functionality allows:

  • easy to add various equipment and change the scheme of the warehouse at the right time;
  • create and configure the work of any Catalogues and Documents for the organization of information storage and logistics processes;
  • compile equipment maps and monitor the status of each node in real-time;
  • automatically detect branching and infusion of goods flows and determine the optimal routes for the movement of goods to the destination;
  • find errors that may occur due to the human factor;
  • integrate with software that is already in stock.

Warehouse X System allows the operator to customize logistics business processes based on equipment behaviour and data structure in Directories and Documents. It’s allowing you to manage equipment, modify Documents and exchange data with other software. Besides, warehouse management can be performed from several points, because the entire database is stored on the server and each copy of the application has access to it.

Also, due to the modularity of KAPELOU® conveyor systems, which are always available in our warehouse, an 8-meter-long drive roller conveyor and a 6-meter-high vertical conveyor were installed in 2 days.

Thanks to a comprehensive solution using our conveyor modules and innovative Warehouse X System software, Epicentr K will be able to scale faster and continue to open similar Pickup point just in 3 days.

We thank Epicentr for many years of cooperation and a common desire to implement innovative solutions!