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KAPELOU is a manufacturer of robotic equipment
and supplier of integrated warehouse solutions.

We have been developing and implementing
innovative technologies in Ukraine and Europe
for over 8 years.

We offer integrated solutions for the automation
of warehouse logistics.
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Why Customers Choose KAPELOU?

We know how to manage the effective work of your warehouse. We create and implement automated systems in warehouses. We listen to our customers' needs and take a holistic approach to project implementation.

KAPELOU manufactures conveyor systems that, if properly operated, will serve more than 10 years.

We develop and test new types of products on our own R&D base. In the R&D center, we have combined the knowledge, experience, and advanced technologies we have acquired over the years.
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KAPELOU – An Expert in Warehouse Logistics Automation

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Realized projects
4 957м2
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Mission and goals

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At KAPELOU LLC, we work with high dedication and a strong desire to make the name of a Ukrainian manufacturer synonymous with quality and innovation worldwide!

Intralogistics with the use of robotic systems gives our customers an additional competitive advantage. Step by step, we help not only individual companies but also entire industries to develop and achieve new goals.

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We are united by the desire for perfection, honesty and devotion to high quality. Our experience and continuous training make us experts in the field of warehouse logistics.

Top Ukrainian Award 2021

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KAPELOU is the market leader in lifting and handling equipment. In August 2021, KAPELOU received an honorary national award from the authoritative rating “Top Ukrainian Award”.

We manufacture technological equipment and implement complex solutions for warehouse automation so that our customers meet the needs of customers quickly and accurately and have the ability to scale their business. Innovative solutions using robotics from KAPELOU provide for the ease of human labor, acceleration of warehouse processes and reduction of logistics costs.

KAPELOU’s portfolio of projects and clients who have walked with us hand in hand for many years is our highest award and recognition.


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