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TOP 5 main trends in warehousing logistics 2021

TOP 5 main trends in warehousing logistics 2021 - 8 -

The COVID-19 contributed to change in many areas of business, and the warehouse industry is no exception. The global volume of e-commerce under the influence of quarantine increased by 25.7% in 2020/ And this is one of the reasons for the rapid development of warehouse logistics.

Companies began to look for new solutions to improve warehouse performance, which have already become trends.

1. Warehouse automation

Complete reconfiguration of the warehouse for better productivity, increased picking and sorting accuracy and speed. This is possible through the use of modern equipment: racking, sorting and conveyor systems, Pick by Light technologies, machine vision and others.

2. Increasing the capacity of the warehouse

Beaucouse of the increase in online orders, retailers are forced to organize additional storage space for goods in the warehouse. Therefore, companies use modern shelving systems, platforms and mezzanines.

3. Cobotics

Along with automation in warehouses also used specialized robots wich working independently or in tandem with humans. Collaborative robots (cobots), created for work where need an accuracy and speed of robots and human knowledge, his ability to make decisions and analyze.

4. Micro-Fulfillment

As customers have increased the need for faster delivery, businesses began to use their stores or separate facilities, which are located in convenient places for the buyer, as points of collection and delivery of orders.

5. AGV

This is real innovation in the world of robotics, which ensures efficiency in warehouse management and business processes. AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicle) are automated autonomous devices that, using special software, perform various functions, such as sorting, moving cargo, picking, and more.

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