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In August KAPELOU received an honorable national award from the authoritative rating agency “Top Ukrainian Award”. The company is recognized as the market leader in the production of lifting and material-handling equipment.

The “Top Ukrainian Award” analyzes 49 open sources with information about Ukrainian companies in detail. The basis for ranking Ukrainian leading companies is the financial performance of the company, compared with the market position of the company for the reporting period.

In particular, the system of automation of the client’s warehouse, which is implemented by the company “KAPELOU”, ensures the rational use of time and human resources, speeds up ordering in the warehouse, helps to reduce logistics costs. In addition, it allows the client’s companies to occupy a larger market share and meet the needs of consumers much better.

All this, along with the availability of solutions and a comprehensive approach to the task, gives reason to call KAPELOU a true expert and leader in the field of warehousing logistics automation and to be proud of the title “Top Ukrainian Award”.

Director of KAPELOU Oleksandr Mykhailovych Truba sees in receiving this award many opportunities for the development and motivation of the team and once again emphasizes the company’s mission: “We started by making warehouse automation available to any level of business in Ukraine, building the right processes in the customer’s warehouse and implementing innovative solutions. Warehouse logistics using robotic systems gives our customers an additional competitive advantage. Step by step, we are changing not only individual companies, but also entire industries”.


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