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KAPELOU launched its own painting factory: production news

KAPELOU launched its own painting factory: production news - 8 - kapelou.com

Since August 2021, the painting factory has been operating at ILS INDUSTRY, KAPELOU’s modern production facility. From now on, the company paints the details in the client’s corporate colors. For this, we have chosen as a supplier a manufacturer of certified equipment with the ISO 9001:2015 standard, which complies with all safety directives established by the European Union.

In the process of painting components, we use a polymer-powder application method, which has many advantages for the client. For example, the details painted in this way:

  • have maximum resistance to corrosion and temperature extremes;
  • do not emit harmful vapors during the exploitation;
  • have abrasion and impact resistance.

As ILS INDUSTRY production director Andriy Velyt notes, the coating performs not only a decorative function, but also a protective one. He adds: “Our own painting factory allows us to ensure high quality of the coating on every part. This is possible thanks to the use of powders from leading manufacturers and the professionalism of our employees. We carry out each production process ourselves, and from now on we apply the coating with our own hands. Thus, our own painting factory allows us to ensure timely delivery of painted parts to the client”.

All parts go through 3 mandatory stages: the first is cleaning, grinding and degreasing, the second is the application of the powder in the spraying chamber and the final is polymerization in the baking oven. The client does not have to worry that some part after the painting will not meet his requirements regarding the color. All colors correspond to RAL – the international standard for the definition of color, consisting of a four-digit number. The standard covers a range of colors and their shades, which allows us to select the required coating color as accurately as possible.

For painting parts, we use a special equipment – a spray chamber for collecting paint and cleanliness in the room, which allows painting parts up to 3 meters long. The indisputable advantage of the spraying chamber used by KAPELOU in its work is the limitation of the powder paint spraying zone from the rest of the production area. The air flows created by the camera in the working area fully comply with sanitary standards. The tribostatic powder paint sprayers are used to apply a polymer coating on surfaces of complex shapes.

Polymerization of products takes place in a paint baking oven. It is designed for reflowing and curing products coated with polymer powder materials. Once ready, the parts are moved using a transport system. It also serves as a storage device for powder coated products. Such a transport system allows the painting process to be carried out continuously, which significantly increases the productivity of painting work.

The KAPELOU painting factory guarantees the integrity of the coating of the details and its durability. Customers can choose the corporate color of the components that will become a part of their warehouse, and KAPELOU implements this.

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