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Conveyor systems

Conveyor based solutions allow to automate internal movement of goods, reduce warehouse handling costs and deliver improved warehouse efficiency. KAPELOU manufactures robotic conveyor equipment in its own factory, providing customers with automation systems that meet well-established European quality standards.

Conveyor systems is a “must have” requirement for boosting your warehouse productivity!

Conveyors connect storage areas and ensure fast movement of goods between warehouse levels and are helpful in organizing sorting operation. Non-driver roller and driven belt conveyor systems can be used both for automation of individual areas and the entire warehouse.

Conveyor systems can handle different types of cargoes:

  • boxes, trays, parcels
  • pallets
  • small piece materials, soft-packed goods, mailing bags, envelopes.

A conveyor system is composed of separate modules, making it easy to adapt it to special needs of your warehouse and expand the system in future as your business grows.

Types of conveyor systems

We offer conveyor based solutions for transporting pallets and boxes, vertical conveyors to move products up and down, belt conveyors for small piece materials, spiral conveyors for continuous transportation of products from different mezzanine levels.
Vertical pallet conveyor Vertical pallet conveyor Belt conveyor Belt conveyor Driven pallet conveyor Driven pallet conveyor Box conveyor systems Box conveyor systems Non-driven roller conveyor Non-driven roller conveyor Spiral conveyor Spiral conveyor Vertical conveyor for boxes Vertical conveyor for boxes
Comprehensive warehouse solutions developed by the KAPELOU team — guarantee of operational integrity of your system

Why choose us?

KAPELOU has expanded its area of responsibility, which now includes all design, manufacturing and solution implementation stages. We guarantee service support throughout the entire life of the system. As a result, our customers receive durable, reliable equipment and smoothly functioning automation solutions.

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