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Belt conveyor

How can you move up to 3600 trays per hour while reducing handling costs?

Belt conveyors are used to connect working and storage areas, and to move trays, small items and soft-packed goods between storage levels. They reduce in-process transportation time and increase throughput capacity of the warehouse.

What makes our belt conveyors special?

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Are you looking for solutions to gain higher throughput and improve efficiency, while retaining operational flexibility of your warehouse? A belt conveyor is a modular system designed to move small piece materials, trays and cardboard boxes horizontally and along a certain inclined route.

Key advantages offered by KAPELOU belt conveyors:

  • Adjustable conveyor speed
  • Gentle transportation
  • Intra-warehouse conveying of goods in or without containers
  • Inclined conveying path
  • German wear-resistant conveyor belt
  • Smooth conveyor starting and stopping
  • Low noise level even at full load operation, max. 65 dB
  • Seamless integration with all types of warehouse equipment

Belt conveying solutions are used for warehouse automation in the e-commerce sector, at pharmaceutical and automotive distributors, postal and courier delivery companies. Besides, belt conveyors are widely used as part of sorting systems.

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Comprehensive warehouse solutions developed by the KAPELOU team — guarantee of operational integrity of your system

KAPELOU conveyor modules

Belt conveyor systems are assembled from ready-made modules just like a children’s construction set, reducing installation and commissioning time at your warehouse:

  • horizontal belt conveyor
  • merge belt conveyor
  • curved belt conveyor
  • inclined belt conveyor

Profiles of high-grade galvanized steel from European steel producers ensure increased structural strength. Adjustable legs with height adjustment range of 100 mm ensure precise levelling and compensate for floor unevenness.

Belt conveyor specifications

Load capacity
up to 50 kg/m
up to 3 600 trays/hour
Belt speed range
0.1 to 2 m/s
Conveyor length
1 600 to 15 00 mm
Max. belt angle
up to 16 degrees
Belt width
450/650/800 mm
Dimensions of containers, min./max.
50х50х50 mm / 800х1 000х800 mm
Container types
plastic tray, cardboard box, flexible plastic packaging, mailing bag, envelope

Оrder a belt conveyor

We’ll take care about all solution development and implementation stages: consulting, manufacture and installation of the equipment; therefore we’ll be fully responsible and guarantee trouble-free and efficient operation of the system at your warehouse.
TOP 5 reasons to choose a solution from KAPELOU

Custom design. Our engineers design belt conveyor systems taking into account particular features of your processes, geometry and the required throughput capacity of the warehouse in question.


Solution from a single provider. Due to integrated approach adopted in our company, you obtain complete conveyor system and a solution to optimize your warehouse processes rather than just a set of individual modules.


Modern production facilities. Machining of spiral conveyor parts by skilled operators on DMG MORI and TRUMPF metalworking equipment guarantees accuracy up to 0.01 mm, high manufacturing quality and operational reliability of the equipment.


More than 8 years of experience. Each solution is developed and approved based on the best available practices and using the latest technologies. We carefully study and improve design of each assembly unit of the system to meet your high expectations.


24/7 customer support. Based on the maintenance servicing contract, we’ll assign a work team responsible for routine maintenance of your system and prompt handling of technical issues.

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