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    Process 5,000, 10,000 or more parcels per hour? 

    The automatic sorting system will speed up processing of a wide range of goods and parcels of different sizes, shapes and weights

    The conveyor system minimises human involvement in the sorting process, speeds up the sorting process and prevents errors.

    Sorting conveyor — the solution for operative processing of orders.

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    The introduction of sorting lines has the following advantages:

    • capacity — up to 15,000 parcels per hour (depending on size)
    • modular design — features fast and easy installation, allowing you to change the design of the conveyor if necessary;
    • product identification systems — manual or automatic;
    • item and package in-feed — manual, automatic overhead, automatic 45°/90°;
    • noise level below 70 dB — provides comfortable working conditions for employees;
    • low number of fractional drives — reduces energy consumption without loss of productivity;
    • fast and reliable integration with warehouse management systems (e.g. WMS).

    KAPELOU will select the most efficient equipment for your warehouse based on the automation system requirements in terms of capacity, weight and dimensions.

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    Push tray - sorting up to 15,000 parcels per hour

    How does the Push tray sorter work?

    Sorting conveyors are a mechanism with moving trays with pushers which is used to push the product into chute. The pusher runs smoothly, fragile parcels and goods remain intact. These conveyors have a modular design that allows for rapid expansion or modification of certain areas as needed. 

    Taking into account the needs of customers for additional control over the flow of goods, we integrate additional modules into the sorting system: 

    • identification systems;
    • weighing systems;
    • volume measurement. 

    These additional features allow setting up automatic sorting according to the set parameters. For example, all parcels and goods weighing more than 10 kg will be sent by the system to certain chute. This way you can quickly distribute goods and parcels according to specific criteria. 

    Push tray sorter for goods from the manufacturer

    Specifications of Push tray sorting

    Equipment carriage size
    Carriage size, min / max
    150 х 200 mm; 600 х 800 mm
    Type of equipment construction
    Type of construction
    vertical, horizontal, multilevel
    Equipment noise level
    Low noise level
    <70 decibel
    Roller load on conveyor rollers
    0,02 - 31,5 kg
    Belt Speed
    Speed, max
    1,0-1,2 m/s
    Equipment box types
    Container type
    plastic boxes, tablars, cardboard boxes, plastic bags, envelopes

    Fast and accurate sorting of parcels

    Push tray sorting – automatic handling and distribution of loads of various shapes and sizes in directions.

    Reasons to choose KAPELOU:

    Components from reliable manufacturers. We carefully select suppliers of equipment and elements for our systems. This allows us to guarantee the strength, durability and trouble-free operation of the systems.


    Complete solution from a single source. KAPELOU combines all stages of development and construction of automation systems: consulting, selection of equipment, development of special software, installation of automated systems and integration with WMS, commissioning and service.


    Experience in implementing more than 622 projects. Our systems of varying complexity operate in European countries, and automation solutions have proven their effectiveness in practice.


    Service maintenance. After putting the system into operation, we provide technical support. Under a service agreement, a response team is assigned to each object, which guarantees a prompt solution to all technical issues.

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