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    Driven pallet conveyor

    What solution should be used if you need to move up to 300 pallets per hour smoothly, while reducing energy costs?

    Pallet conveyors allow an automated pallet handling process and are an effective tool for increasing warehouse efficiency. Fast-payback KAPELOU pallet handling solutions replace an entire fleet of special-purpose machines and require very little maintenance.

    What makes a KAPELOU conveyor better than its competitors?

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    Integration with other systems — a conveyor system is composed of separate modules controlled by special software, and can be integrated with any WMS or warehouse equipment

    Expanding system size and functionality — if necessary, the system can be expanded by adding new modules

    Service life of more than 10 years — all elements of the conveyor system are wear-resistant and durable: the profile made of European steel is able to withstand high operating loads, the conveyor rollers have an extended service life, and the electronics and component parts of well-known brands have proven their reliability in practice

    Energy efficiency and soft starting — low energy consumption is ensured through the use of variable frequency drives of high energy efficiency class and control logic, which only activate these conveyor zones that currently support the load

    Accumulative capability — the system continues operating even if one of the zones stops — the pallets are accumulated on the pallet conveyor until this zone is restarted

    Optimal load distribution — the conveyor system software turns certain conveyor zones on and off to achieve even distribution of pallets along the pallet conveyor

    Smooth transportation — ZPA logic maintains equal clearance between the pallets, so-called zero pressure accumulation zone, to protect the cargo and its packaging from damage

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    With a KAPELOU complete solution, the working performance of your system is guaranteed

    Basic modules of the pallet conveyor

    The conveyor system is assembled in separate modules

    • driven roller conveyor;
    • chain pallet conveyor;
    • turn-table to change the direction of the motion of the transported pallet;
    • vertical conveyor (elevator);
    • chain diverter;
    • roller diverter;
    • pallet wrapper (palletizer);
    • pallet accumulator.

    Pallet loading and unloading sections are fitted with pallet gates (loading barriers). Pallet conveying systems are delivered in the form of modules, which minimizes the time needed for assembly, commissioning and start-up.

    Chain conveyor for pallets for warehouse

    Technical data of the driven roller conveyor

    Roller load on conveyor rollers
    150 to 2000 kg
    Belt Speed
    Speed range
    0.5 to 0.80 m/s
    Conveyor Productivity
    up to 300 pallets per hour
    Conveyor operating temperature
    Operating temperature range
    0 ...+40 °C
    Relative humidity of the environment
    Relative humidity
    10-70 %
    Equipment box types
    Pallet types
    US-pallet; FIN-pallet; EUR-pallet; EUR-box

    Order a turnkey roller conveyor

    We’ll take care about all solution development and implementation stages: consulting, manufacture and installation of the equipment; therefore we’ll be fully responsible and guarantee trouble-free and efficient operation of the system at your warehouse.
    Top 5 reasons for ordering a pallet handling solution from KAPELOU

    Equipment of European quality: Our conveyors are produced using materials from proven suppliers and components of well-reputed brands. All process operations are performed by qualified professionals on modern DMG MORI and TRUMPF metalworking machines. This guarantees the precise machining of parts with an accuracy of up to 0.01 mm and a long service life of the systems.


    All-in-one solution: All stages of the automation systems development are concentrated in KAPELOU “under one roof”, so that the customers receive a turnkey pallet handling solution from a single provider.


    More than 55 000 m of conveyors: The total length of the conveyors produced and installed by our specialists is almost equal to the length of 138 running track circles at the NSC Olimpiyskiy sports arena. All the actions of the specialists are matrixed into muscle memory, and this guarantees the accurate assembly, installation and high performance of the system.


    Experience in projects of different complexity: The conveyor equipment is designed and produced using advanced manufacturing techniques and taking into account the practical experience gained over 10 years in the warehouse automation business.


    Customer support: The service team is on duty 24/7 and will help you immediately to solve your problem.

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