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    Mezzanine for a warehouse

    Multi-storey mezzanines allow you to make the best use of the room height.

    Mezzanines for a warehouse expand the storage area of the goods, increase the productivity of the warehouse and are practical for the work of the staff.

    Main advantages of mezzanines in the warehouse

    Mezzanine for a warehouse - 8 -

    Effectiveness: It is much easier, faster and cheaper to install mezzanines for the warehouse than to build a new warehouse complex. This storage method already pays for itself 100 % in three to four years.

    Productivity: Optimal use of space and increase of usable storage area: By installing a mezzanine floor, more goods can be stored than when using conventional shelving (2-4 times, depending on the number of floors). At the same time, the speed of the storage processes is not affected.

    Easy installation: The mezzanine construction can be integrated into the racking storage area. If necessary, it can be easily moved to another location due to its dismountable design. Disassembly and reassembly of a mezzanine after maintenance and replacement of spare parts is quick and without major costs.

    Flexibility: Mezzanines allow different types of storage to be arranged on each level. If required, different types of racking can be combined: Pallet racking, shelving, cantilever racking, gravity racking.

    Adaptable: Depending on the requirements of the warehouse, it may be necessary to increase or decrease the storage space. With a mezzanine floor, this is possible without any problems.

    Practicability: Mezzanines allow the integration of different conveyor systems (spiral, vertical, powered and non-powered roller conveyors). In addition, mezzanines allow simultaneous handling of goods on different levels, all of which are easily accessible.

    Mezzanine for a warehouse - 9 -
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    Multi-level constructions for efficient use of storage space: By utilising the entire storage height, you can accommodate more goods in the warehouse.

    Mezzanine for a warehouse - 1 -
    Number of mezzanine levels
    up to 5
    Mezzanine for a warehouse - 2 -
    Achievable construction height
    up to 15 meters
    Mezzanine for a warehouse - 3 -
    Shelf length
    750, 1000, 1300 and 1500 mm
    Mezzanine for a warehouse - 4 -
    Shelf depth
    300, 400, 500, 600, 800 mm
    Mezzanine for a warehouse - 5 -
    Mezzanine rack width
    50, 60, 80 mm
    Mezzanine for a warehouse - 6 -
    Distributed load per shelf
    80 to 330 kg
    Mezzanine for a warehouse - 7 -
    Permissible load per 1 m2 of aisle area
    up to 500 kg
    Mezzanine for a warehouse - 8 -
    Mezzanine ceiling type
    lattice decking (welded or pressed), chipboard, closed metal ceiling
    Mezzanine for a warehouse - 9 -
    Shelving pitch
    25 mm
    Mezzanine for a warehouse - 10 -
    Number of shelves per level
    2 to 11

    Mezzanine flooring types

    Various materials are used for the mezzanine levels in the aisles and unloading/loading area. These include: welded, perforated or non-perforated decking, fire-resistant and moisture-resistant chipboard. The choice depends on the needs of the particular warehouse and the maximum loads.

    The best and safest option is lattice decking. With the right choice of grid profiles, noise from wheeled warehouse vehicles is reduced and warehouse staff can move around easily. In case of an emergency, e.g. a fire and its extinguishing, water will not accumulate due to the openings.

    Types of mezzanine ceilings in a warehouse

    Mezzanine Types

    Mezzanine for a warehouse - 8 -

    There are 2 types of mezzanine floors, which differ in the type of construction:

    Platform type: This can have up to 5 levels. The usable area is a maximum of 50,000 m2 and the available height is up to 18 m.

    The mezzanine is used to house goods and storage facilities as well as office space. The construction allows barrier-free passage of the storage equipment.

    Shelving: The accessible height of the mezzanine is 15 m. Number of levels: up to 5. Number of shelves on each mezzanine level: from 2 to 11.

    A mezzanine is therefore a simple, convenient and reliable type of storage that:

    • can withstand a heavy load;
    • allows quick access to the stored goods;
    • does not require a great deal of time for assembly, disassembly or relocation.

    Mezzanine loading and unloading methods

    Mezzanine for a warehouse - 8 -

    The mezzanine is loaded and unloaded in various ways. Lifts, hydraulic lifts, reach trucks and forklifts are used for this purpose. The pallets are lifted onto the platform from which the employee distributes the containers to the individual racking locations.

    Automated lifting and lowering of goods in small batches using vertical lifts is possible. To do this, the employee places the goods in a plastic container and the conveyor installed on the mezzanine floor transports them to the vertical lift. The container is then moved vertically by the lift and unloaded onto the conveyor at the desired height.

    The spiral conveyor ensures a continuous and automated lifting and unloading of the goods onto the mezzanine levels and acts as a buffer.

    See realized projects using mezzanines.

    5 reasons why you should choose us:

    Expert planning: The engineers design in accordance with the European standards: Eurocode 0 (EN 1990), Eurocode 3 (EN 1993), Euronorm EN ISO 14122, EN ISO 12944, calculation of construction safety according to FEM 10.3.01 and 10.2.03 standards, consideration of the load caused by personnel and automation systems, elaboration of optimal variants of shelving placement, design of a mezzanine floor construction in CAD programmes.


    We use certified systems: Mezzanines are certified in Ukraine according to DSTU B B.2.6-75:2008 and DSTU B.2.6-199:2014, comply with the strict European standards RAL-RG 614/2 and DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and bear the voluntary GS mark. In addition, the DIN ISO 50001 energy management system is applied in the manufacture of components.


    Precision and reliability of installation: Our engineers are highly qualified and capable of working at high risk and installing mezzanines strictly according to the technical drawings.


    Experience: We have been designing, installing and maintaining mezzanines for warehouses for more than 10 years.


    24/7 technical support: Under a service contract, each facility is supervised by a team to ensure rapid support and routine mezzanine inspections. Our customers always receive timely technical support.

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