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    Warehouse platforms

    Increasing storage area with minimal alterations.

    Warehouse platforms — a way to maximize storage area and organize additional processing zones.

    Main advantages of warehouse platforms

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    Platforms can be easily adapted to a particular warehouse due to their modular design. Structural profile is designed to integrate warehouse utility lines such as lighting, ventilation and fire extinguishing systems.

    • Multiple increase in effective storage area
    • Organization of separate storage areas
    • Worthwhile investment – platforms are comparatively cheap
    • Option of expanding
    • Simultaneous processing of goods at different levels
    • Simplified and quick access to goods

    Multilevel structures are used for warehouses in the following sectors and applications:

    • production
    • pharmaceuticals
    • e-commerce
    • retailing
    • automotive industry
    • postal and courier services
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    Comprehensive warehouse solutions developed by the KAPELOU team — guarantee of operational integrity of your system
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    Platforms from KAPELOU

    Multilevel structures intended for more efficient use of warehouse space and for the organization of additional processing zones.

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    Allowable height of the structure
    up to 18 m
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    Maximum load per m2
    100 – 4 000 kg
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    Number of levels
    up to 5
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    Effective storage area
    up to 50 000 m2
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    Decking type
    Open mesh grating; fire-resistant and moisture-resistant chipboard; perforated grating; non-perforated grating.
    5 reasons for choosing KAPELOU:

    Technically high-quality construction. Our engineers design racking systems according to Eurocode 0 (EN 1990), Eurocode 3 (EN 1993), EN ISO 14122, EN ISO 12944, calculate the statics according to the technical guidelines FEM 10.3.01 and FEM 10.2.03, take into account the load caused by equipment, personnel and automation systems, carefully investigate and improve the possibilities of racking arrangement and optimise the design of mezzanines using CAD software.


    Use of certified systems. The platforms and mezzanine constructions are certified in Ukraine according to the state standards of Ukraine DSTU B V.2.6-75:2008 and DSTU B V.2.6-199:2014, meet the strict requirements of the European standards RAL-RG 614/2 and DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and bear the voluntary GS mark. In addition, the constructions are manufactured in accordance with the energy management system as per DIN ISO 50001.


    Precise and reliable assembly and installation. The specialists in our service and assembly department have the necessary qualifications and permits to carry out work with increased danger. They assemble mezzanines and platforms in exact accordance with the technical drawings.


    Experience. We have been designing, assembling and maintaining platforms and mezzanines for more than 10 years.


    24/7 customer support. As part of the maintenance contract, each logistics company is provided with a service team that ensures scheduled inspections and rapid intervention. Our customers always receive timely technical support and assistance.

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