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    Non-driven roller conveyor

    Need to reduce conveying time and optimize you the warehouse handling costs?

    Non-driven roller conveyor is a modular system designed to mechanize movement and accumulation of goods and reduce time needed for their processing.

    What makes our non-driven conveyors special?

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    KAPELOU has launched own production of conveyors. At that we purchase component parts from well-reputed European suppliers, our engineers study and improve the conveyor design to the last detail, and the production process itself is carried out by skilled technicians on TRUMPF and DMG MORI metalworking machines. This way we guarantee high reliability of our roller conveyors and superior capabilities compared to similar equipment available on the market.

    Advantages offered by KAPELOU non-driven roller conveyors:

    • Robust design
    • Ease of use
    • Reduces conveying time
    • Smooth integration into the warehouse environment
    • Readily adjustable configuration

    Non-driven roller conveyors are widely used in warehouses  of the e-commerce, automotive and pharmaceutical sectors, retail trade enterprises, postal and courier delivery companies.

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    Comprehensive warehouse solutions developed by the KAPELOU team — guarantee of operational integrity of your system

    Non-driven roller conveyor modules

    Non-driven roller conveying systems are composed of separate modules:

    • straight roller conveyor module
    • curved roller conveyor module
    • pivot section
    • intersection and branching modules

    Each element of the non-driven roller conveyor system is carefully designed and manufactured with accuracy up to 0.01 mm in the in-house manufacturing workshop.

    Non-drive roller conveyor rollers and frame for warehouse


    Roller load on conveyor rollers
    Load on roller, min./max.
    0,1–35 kg
    Goods packaging dimensions
    Dimensions of containers, min./max.
    180×180×10 mm / 600×400×400 mm
    Belt Speed
    Conveying speed, min./max.
    manual drive
    Conveyor operating temperature
    Operating temperature range, min./max.
    0 ~ 40 °C
    Relative humidity of the environment
    Relative humidity, min./max.
    10 ~ 70 %
    Equipment box types
    Types of containers
    plastic tray; cardboard box; tablars

    Order a turnkey non-driven roller conveyor

    We’ll take care about all solution development and implementation stages: consulting, manufacture and installation of the equipment; therefore we’ll be fully responsible and guarantee trouble-free and efficient operation of the system at your warehouse.
    5 reasons to order a non-driven roller conveyor from KAPELOU

    Customized solutions developed to fit particular warehouse processes and tasks


    Careful selection of suppliers to ensure operational reliability of the system components


    The conveyor equipment is manufactured at our own factory


    We develop and implement systems for warehouses of any complexity level


    We provide maintenance servicing during the entire operating life of the systems

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    The non-drive rollgang is designed to move and accelerate the processing of piece goods, it is used in the conditions of warehouse logistics when performing technological operations: packaging, control, accounting, sorting, weighing. You can buy them in Ukraine from the manufacturer – the group of companies Kapelou. We offer our customers a whole range of solutions for the sale, implementation and configuration of conveyor equipment, we also give a guarantee for all conveyors.

    Construction characteristics. Non-drive roller conveyor is completed from separate modules, as a result of which we are able to implement atypical solutions, assembling conveyors of any length and shape.

    Purpose and features of the equipment. Non-drive roller conveyors from the Kapelou are simple and solid structures that facilitate the work of personnel and make the movement of goods more productive. They are easy to integrate into warehouses, you can change the configuration due to the modular structure.

    The price depends on the technical characteristics and the number of modules. We deliver products throughout Ukraine, Europe and Asia. Leave a request on the website, our managers will contact you to clarify the details.

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