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    Machine vision systems

    How can the goods acceptance, shipment and control procedures be best organized at small warehouse areas?

    Machine vision system provides an automation solution for object identification and counting processes through reading of marking signs and bar codes, thus contributing into faster and more accurate handling of goods.

    Benefits offered by KAPELOU machine vision systems

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    Being an effective tool for automation of routine processes, computer vision is therefore widely used in modern robotic systems. We offer turnkey machine vision solution that provides:

    • Dynamic scanning and readout of barcodes on different height levels
    • The ability to read data even from damaged barcodes
    • Control for integrity of packing
    • Control for availability labelling and marking
    • Reading of codes, text and graphic information
    • Text recognition

    Computer vision systems are widely used in retailing sector and among 3PL (4PL/5PL) logistics providers.

    Computer vision functionality allows the system to identify the product and evaluate its condition. For this reason, machine vision-based systems are used to organize product flow management, warehouse storage management, stock management and control of other warehouse-related processes.

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    Comprehensive warehouse solutions developed by the KAPELOU team — guarantee of operational integrity of your system
    Machine vision is used to address the following tasks:
    • Barcode scanning
    • Prevention of collisions
    • Colour detection
    • Positioning
    • Object detection
    • Quality inspection
    • Vision for robotic systems
    • Measuring of two-dimensional (2D) objects
    • Measuring of three-dimensional object (3D) objects
    Types of computer vision cameras for goods handling in the warehouse

    Solutions offered by KAPELOU

    We offer delivery of a turnkey engineering solution i.e. an effective operational system rather then just a “bare” machine vision camera.
    Reasons to order a machine vision system from KAPELOU

    Custom-tailored approach. Each solution is developed giving due consideration to specific features of warehouse processes and products to be handled, as well as to preferences of a particular customer.


    Experience in project implementation — more than 622 completed projects. For the moment, our systems of different complexity levels have being operating in Europe, and automation solutions had proven to be effective in actual practice.


    24/7 customer support. Upon completion of the installation and commissioning works, the parties can conclude the maintenance servicing contract, under which we’ll assign an incident response and maintenance team to your system.

    What factors should be taken into consideration before implementing the machine vision system?

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    Modern and technologically advanced systems based on machine vision solve a number of warehousing logistics issues, compensate violations of manual inspection and improve the quality of order processing.

    Machine vision system can reach 100% inspection efficiency under the following conditions:

    • Bright lighting that does not distort colours
    • Properly selected cameras with due regard to the distance to the object and its dimensions
    • Software customization by IT-professionals performed to adapt it to specific client’s needs
    • Integration with other equipment
    • Detailed testing before commissioning of the system

    Configuration of the machine vision system depends on the tasks to be performed.

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