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    A-Frame is an automatic dispenser, warehouse technology designed to buffer and dispense goods to order.

    The system provides high picking performance for small piece products.

    A-Frame – automation of picking processes in the warehouse

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    A-Frame is an automatic warehouse order picking system that packs products from vertical channels into boxes, cartons or onto a belt conveyor that moves through the center of the system.

    Best suited for high volume orders consisting of a small number of units per line.

    A desirable product for fullfillment centers that cater to individual online shoppers, or for retail stores that collect orders for multiple boxes.

    Automatic picking equipment offers a variety of solutions: Pick-to-Belt, Pick-to-Tote, Pick-to-Bucket and Pick-to-Carton. It can be implemented at any stage of the picking process.

    The modularity of the equipment provides for vertical channel expansion. The basic model consists of 24 channels, 12 on each side.

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    A-Frame – guaranteed picking speed and maximum accuracy

    A-Frame consists of these basic modules:

    1. Storage module – consists of a series of vertical channels arranged in an “A” shape.
    2. Picking module – pushes out the required quantity of goods according to the order.
    3. Order picking module – boxes, cartons that move along a conveyor belt to collect selected goods.
    4. Control module – unites all A-Frame modules and controls all processes of picking and filling of goods.
    Order picking in the warehouse with A-Frame

    Technical data
    of the A-Frame picking system

    Minimum product size
    45х40х60 mm
    Maximum product size
    160х85х190 mm
    up to 3000 orders/hour
    Selection speed
    up to 5 units/sec
    Weight of goods in vertical channel
    up to 15 kg
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    How the A-Frame picking system works

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    In accordance with the picking instructions from the control module, the goods in the appropriate quantity are pushed out of the storage module by the picking module and into the order picking module. It is then conveyed on a conveyor belt for inspection and packaging. In this way, the system can process up to 3,000 orders per hour.

    The replenishment of the A-Frame channels with goods takes place without interrupting the picking process. A-Frame is easy to refill: one person can fill up to 2,000 items per hour.

    The channels of the storage module can be adapted to different product sizes. For wide/long products, it is possible to remove one rail, which allows for the selection of larger products. The modularity of the picking system allows for the vertical channels to be extended. The multiplicity of increase is 12 channels per side. The basic model consists of 24 channels, 12 per side.

    A-Frame allows picking with different solutions: Pick-to-Belt, Pick-to-Tote, Pick-to-Bucket and Pick-to-Carton. The picking system can be either a stand-alone solution or an element of a complete solution and meets the most important challenges of modern microfulfillment. In particular – easy implementation and low personnel requirements, modularity = scalability, flexibility and integration with other equipment, highest throughput and accuracy.

    Why is A-Frame equipment effective?

    Reliability of A-Frame picking equipment: the company’s engineers design the equipment taking into account the specifics of the goods and the conditions of the warehouse process. Quality equipment and components of leading brands provide acceleration of the technological chain due to reliability and automated warehouse processes. Uninterrupted operation of the equipment significantly increases the speed of order picking and profitability of the business, enhances the competitive advantages of the enterprise.


    More than 10 years of experience: almost every object of our company is connected with special project conditions. We know exactly what needs to be taken into account so that our client gets the expected result.


    Precise installation of equipment for order picking: all works are performed by qualified employees of the service and installation departments, who have permits to work at high risk and perform installation in strict accordance with the drawings. The time of installation works is agreed with the customer, taking into account the specifics of warehouse operations and warehouse opening hours.


    24/7 technical support and scheduled inspections: under a service contract, each A-Frame is assigned a rapid response team. Our customers receive timely technical support.

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