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    UnitHub® is a cost-efficient microfulfillment solution with dynamic cells for automated storage, issue and dispatch of parcels around the clock.

    Modular design, high density storage, climate control and an easy-to-use interface – for the highest possible customer satisfaction.



    UnitHub® is a cost-efficient microfulfillment solution with dynamic cells for automated storage, issue and dispatch of parcels around the clock.

    Modular design, high density storage, climate control and an easy-to-use interface – for the highest possible customer satisfaction.


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    UnitHub® can be installed both indoors, such as in shopping malls, office buildings, residential complexes, courier and postal branches, and outdoors. The UnitHub® has three functions:

    1. STORAGE of goods/orders;
    2. OUTPUT of orders around the clock;
    3. RECEIPT of packages for further shipment.

    With UnitHub®, your customers can conveniently receive goods and have their packages shipped at their convenience. As a complete solution, UnitHub® is suitable for pharmaceutical companies, e-commerce, postal and courier services, and distribution centers.

    1. An employee inserts a parcel into the UnitHub®.
    2. The UnitHub® automatically measures the volume of the parcel.
    3. The UnitHub® places the package in the correct box.
    4. A notification with a code is sent to the customer’s smartphone.
    5. The customer is at the UnitHub® and presses the “Receive Package” button in the app.
    6. The UnitHub® delivers the package to the customer.

    The automated, compact UnitHub® parcel receiving and delivery point is tailored to the customer’s specific needs, can be scaled based on desired performance, and can accommodate up to 6,000 SKUs in the dynamic cells.

    The UnitHub® measures the weight and dimensions of the package for subsequent storage. It can be sectionalized or fully climate controlled.

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    For the end customer:

    • fast receipt of packages – no queuing and good accessibility;
    • clear and easy-to-use user interface;
    • possibility of sending parcels;
    • 24/7 service.

    For the company:

    • fast storage of parcels;
    • maximum storage capacity thanks to dynamic cells;
    • fully automated goods issue;
    • double control thanks to video recording of the pickup process and putaway;
    • scalable solution;
    • air conditioning possible;
    • state-of-the-art technology to increase customer satisfaction.
    Benefits of automated parcel pickup and storage

    Technical data of UnitHub®

    Number of storage cells of equipment
    Number of storage cells
    Up to 400
    Equipment carriage size
    Dimensions of storage containers
    600x400x400 mm
    Roller load on conveyor rollers
    Max. package weight
    30 kg
    Measurement of parcel weight
    Registration of the size and weight of the package
    Parcel delivery center storage cell size
    Size of the storage cells
    Dynamic (may vary)
    Managing the dispatch of automated parcel pickup
    Handling of shipping and receiving
    Depending on application
    Conveyor operating temperature
    Range of use and operating temperature, min/max
    Indoor/outdoor, air conditioning: 2-8 °C | 8-15 °C | 15-25 °C
    Goods packaging dimensions
    Packing types
    Cartons/plastic boxes, trays, bottles, etc.
    UnitHub® Brochure
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    UnitHub® applications for the specifics of microfulfillment.

    Microfulfillment is a new trend in order fulfillment that enables efficient use of space and increases long-term business productivity. Its compact size allows you to place a microfulfillment solution anywhere in the city – as a stand-alone facility or integrated into a shopping center, pharmacy or store.

    The ideal microfulfillment solution:

    • processing an order within 1 hour;
    • 99.8% order accuracy;
    • maximum space utilization and scalability.

    With microfulfillment solutions, retailers are moving to a promising multichannel distribution and fulfillment strategy that allows them to compete with leading companies.

    The UnitHub® microfulfillment solution can be used in industries including:

    • pharmaceutical;
    • e-commerce;
    • distribution centers;
    • automotive industry (automotive);
    • retail;
    • manufacturing and warehousing operations;
    • postal and courier services.

    Choose UnitHub® for your microfulfillment needs.

    We take care of all phases of project implementation: consulting, production and installation, commissioning and training of personnel in the use of UnitHub®. We provide the best customer service.
    5 facts about UnitHub® microfulfillment systems for parcel storage, output and shipment

    They can handle a wide range of package weights and sizes. The dynamic storage cells are designed for parcels weighing up to 30 kg and measuring up to 600 x 400 mm.


    Equipped with a climate control function. This significantly expands the functionality of the UnitHub® and enables the storage of food, medicines and other goods that require a special cooling system.


    Scalability, modularity, maximum capacity. Thanks to its modular design, the UnitHub® can be assembled on site, disassembled for relocation and expanded up to 400 storage cells.


    Reliability, 24/7 operation. UnitHub® receives, processes and dispenses packages around the clock, requiring fewer employees.


    Shortened delivery times for goods. The compact size of UnitHub® allows it to be placed anywhere in the city – near a shopping center, store, pharmacy, etc., significantly reducing delivery times.

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