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KAPELOU has its own production facilities with a
total area of more than 21 000 sqm.

This enables us to provide individual support for
any warehouse automation project. It also allows us,
to develop new innovative products for warehouses
and logistics centres.
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Quality. Timing. Individual approach

We produce the systems in our own production facilities. This guarantees quality and durability and ensures that projects are implemented quickly.

Another advantage is the possibility of being able to respond to all our customer's wishes and in this way create an individual concept. So the customer gets the best solution tailored to his needs.

Having an own production, means to have direct influence on the quality in every phase of the production, starting with the selection of the raw materials up to the finished product.

Our production in numbers:

21 000sqm
Steel processed in 3 years
Production sites

Overview of the KAPELOU production

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ILS INDUSTRY* covers the areas of metalworking, welding, and protective coating. It unites:

  1. ILS INDUSTRY production area in Chernihiv region.
  2. KAPELOU assembly facility in Kyiv.
  3. Powerful production site in Kyiv region.

The KAPELOU production facility has a 5000 sqm workshop, where the main production processes are carried out. There are additional rooms for the assembly of control panels and control cabinets.

Since August 2021, a painting shop has been functioning in the production facility, where it is possible to apply protective coatings on metal parts in the desired colors, including the corporate colors of the customer.

KAPELOU has invested 1.5 million euros in production until 2020, so that we can offer our customers state-of-the-art and high-quality products from world-class brands. This is an important reason, why the assembly equipment manufactured by KAPELOU has been used by customers for many years.

* For the duration of the war, production was moved to a safe region of Ukraine, along with all plant, machinery and staff. Production continues as usual.

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KAPELOU's own production includes: Metalworking, welding, coating, assembly of large components.

Production in Germany

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In 2023, we started production in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. The German team now assembles independently:

  • roller conveyors for boxes and pallets;
  • belt conveyors for boxes;
  • vertical conveyors for boxes and pallets;
  • weight modules;
  • folding modules for roller conveyors;
  • diverters.

The decision to produce in Europe is an important step that brings us closer to the end customer. It allows us to better understand customer needs and develop the most suitable automation solutions for the customer. We guarantee reliability, durability and high quality solutions in compliance with all safety standards and regulations. When you order from us, you get:

  • a turnkey product – from concept to implementation;
  • european quality of the equipment;
  • optimum budget thanks to local manufacturing;
  • compliance with project deadlines;
  • spare parts and components for installation and modification of the equipment;
  • 24/7 service support;
  • project management by German experts;
  • strict compliance with the requirements of international and European standards – ISO, EN, DIN.

The result: greater efficiency, improved accuracy in warehouse management and quality of goods control, higher warehouse throughput and lower costs – all of which give you an additional competitive edge.

Overview of the production areas

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The production of automated systems and modern equipment for warehouse operations is a complex and multi-stage process. Careful execution of the individual production phases is a guarantee of a first-class reputation and the unreserved trust of customers.

In the cutting area, the raw materials are cut into the required blanks from which the components are then manufactured. The following processes are carried out in the steel mill: Cutting of sheets and profiles, preparation of electrical components.

In the sheet metal bending area, final components are formed from the blanks received.

Machining area: Cutting processes are used to produce parts with complex and highly precise geometric shape from the blanks received.

The welding mill is used to form non-standard shapes for the plants.

In the locksmithing and assembly area, welded elements, components, electrical components and other components are assembled into basic modules to form a complex system on site.

The protective coatings area carries out painting to protect parts from corrosion. This affects the longevity of the equipment and has an additional decorative function.

Inspection area: Checking the overall dimensions, angular deviations, prefabricated modules according to the drawings.

The warehouse is used to store raw materials, finished products, individual parts, consumables, lubricants, welded units and electrical components.

The team

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Qualified personnel, state-of-the-art technology and production facilities enable us to produce everything, from simple conveyors to complete automation of warehouses with complex robot systems.

We always find the perfect solution for our customers!

About machine quality and detail accuracy

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At KAPELOU, the quality of the machines and the precision of the individual components are paramount. Because this has a direct influence on the end product.

A laser and punching system from the German manufacturer Trumpf is used to cut and preform metallic raw materials. The format for the blanks is set on a sheet metal bending press from the manufacturers Trumpf and Durma.

The milling and turning processes are carried out on German-Japanese machines from the manufacturer DMG MORI. Both processes meet the requirements of machining and offer high precision of parts down to 0.01 mm. They make it possible to give metals a complex geometric shape.

The technical control department is the final stage of production. It independently checks whether the specified requirements have been met and tests the products. No product can be delivered until it has been fully inspected, tested and checked and meets all criteria and specific requirements.

Basic processes of KAPELOU production
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The KAPELOU company philosophy

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We are working with the greatest commitment and passion to make the name of the Ukrainian manufacturer synonymous with quality and innovation worldwide! We have started to make warehouse automation accessible to any size of business in Ukraine by designing the right systems for our customers and developing innovative solutions.

The use of robotic systems in warehouse logistics gives our customers an additional competitive advantage. Step by step, we are changing not only individual companies, but entire industries.