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    Spiral conveyor

    What solution should be used if you need to accumulate and move up to 3000 trays per hour between warehouse levels?

    Spiral conveyor for continuous movement of goods is used as a vertical sorter, connects product flows from different storage levels and serves as an accumulation buffer. This solution is ideal for warehouses with high throughput capacity.

    Advantages of spiral conveyors

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    KAPELOU develops solutions based on vertical spiral elevators from a proven manufacturer — Ambaflex.

    Key advantages offered by spiral conveyors:

    • High throughput capacity up to 3000 items per hour
    • Integration with other conveyor systems
    • Minimum amount of maintenance
    • Saving warehouse space due to compact dimensions

    Spiral conveyor provides several times higher throughput compared to other types of vertical lifts, even when transporting lightweight and unstable items.

    Spiral conveyors for boxes and trays are widely used in sorting areas. They can be used to organize buffering accumulator, allowing to regulate feeding of products to other processing areas.

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    Comprehensive warehouse solutions developed by the KAPELOU team — guarantee of operational integrity of your system

    Spiral conveyors

    Spiral conveyors

    Spiral conveyors for boxes and trays are widely used in sorting areas.

    They can be used to organize buffering accumulator, allowing to regulate feeding of products to other processing areas.

    The spiral conveyor for continuous stock hoisting


    Conveyor Productivity
    up to 3000 pcs/hour
    Roller load on conveyor rollers
    Belt load
    up to 100 kg
    Number of belts
    Number of belt tracks
    Tilt angle
    Inclination angle
    2.5° - 18°
    Lifting height
    Elevation height
    up to 15 m
    Belt Speed
    Conveying speed
    up to 60 m/min
    Belt width
    Belt width
    300-1 200 mm
    Equipment box types
    Container types
    bottles, cans, boxes, cardboard packaging, bags, mailing bags, containers, doypack stand-up pouches.
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    Types of spiral conveyors

    Based on the type of products to be handled and tasks to be solved, we select and install the most suitable spiral conveyor option:

    • SV — all-purpose spiral conveyor with one or multiple parallel driven tracks.
    • SVe — wide-belt spiral conveyors specially designed to handle oversized products
    • SVo — cost-effective solution for handling rigid items with the same dimensions.
    • SVs — vertical narrow-belt spiral conveyor designed to handle small packs, available in single- or multi-belt versions with up to 6 parallel belts.
    • AccuVeyor — provides maximum accumulation capacity at minimum required footprint, is used for compensating speed differences in different production zones and buffering goods in case of interruption in production.

    Order a turnkey spiral conveyor solution

    KAPELOU manufactures conveyor equipment that meets high European quality standards and implements complex solutions that ensure high throughput capacity and balanced material flow.
    What makes KAPELOU spiral conveyor solutions effective?

    Complete solution. We offer delivery of a turnkey automation system with maximum operating efficiency rather then just a single conveyor.


    High-quality equipment. We use only certified equipment, which guarantees reliable and trouble-free operation of the system.


    Experience. KAPELOU team has successfully completed over 622 warehouse logistics automation projects and installed more then 75 units of elevating equipment.


    Customer support. We provide servicing for the entire lifetime of the equipment Based on the maintenance servicing contract, we’ll assign incident response and maintenance team to your system, which will perform all necessary operations in the shortest possible time.

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