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    The GNOM® automated storage and retrieval system is a unique development by KAPELOU’s R&D team that places, buffers and retrieves 3+1 boxes simultaneously.


    The GNOM® automated storage and retrieval system is a unique development by KAPELOU’s R&D team that places, buffers and retrieves 3+1 boxes simultaneously.

    What kind of tasks does it solve?

    AS/RS GNOM® - 8 -

    Compact, fast AS/RS robot that buffers and transports 4 boxes weighing up to 30 kg at once. It works with goods-to-person technology.

    Ensures picking accuracy, eliminates unnecessary picker runs, reduces labor intensity and solves the problem of labor shortages. The automated storage system works with all types of racking systems.

    What kind of tasks does it solve?

    1. Automated cell storage warehouse. It automates the placement of trays in the storage area.
    2. Automated buffer. Operator collects a wave of orders, needs to temporarily stack the order to then move it to the shipping area.
    3. Replenishing box gravity. A robot replenishes gravity channels, and an operator selects piece goods from the channel and picks the order.
    4. G2P picking. To minimize the number of picker runs in the warehouse, the robot picks a box in the storage area and drives it to the picking area to the picker’s desk. Or when assembling a specific piece of equipment, following the example of conveyorized machine assembly, the robot moves the crate between different assembly areas according to the production process.

    Market segments for which this AS/RS product is suitable: distribution, FMCG, electronics, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, microfulfillment.

    Key benefits of using AS/RS GNOM®:

    1. Goods-to-person technology. Reduce worker runs.
    2. Increase storage density by 80-400%. Requires minimum space for movement.
    3. Accurate picking. Operates on precise WMS system commands.
    4. 2-3 times greater operational efficiency compared to the manual method.

    ARSR with racking gravity for placing, buffering goods in the warehouse

    Technical data
    of the automated storage system

    Movement speed
    1 m/s
    Carriage movement speed
    0.25 m/s
    up to 30 kg
    Dimensions of goods (W x H x D)
    400 x 220 (up to 400) x 600 mm
    Storage range
    0,4 – 1,5 m
    Platform rotation angle
    Number of places for simultaneous handling of loads

    Why is GNOM® the best solution for the warehouse?

    AS/RS GNOM® - 8 -

    x2 to storage density. The density of storage of goods with the automated storage system is more than 2 times higher in comparison with the classical variant: up to 2.05 m3/m2 in the project.

    • use of 2 times smaller building area for storage of goods, compared to the classical variant;
    • better cell filling ratio due to the fact that the goods are placed in a box;
    • thanks to the installation of the shuttle on guide rails at a lower level in relation to the platform, the processing height and the number of storage cells are used as efficiently as possible.

    Efficiency of order wave picking with automated storage system:

    • no downtime for pickers;
    • integration with buffer sequencer enables automated pre-preparation of the wave, which allows goods to be delivered to picking stations in an automated and delay-free manner;
    • thanks to storage of several SKUs in the boxes, it is easier to match the goods to the order wave;
    • when storing several SKUs in a box, there is no need to carry the whole rack. High turnover boxes can be buffered in the sequencer and no time is wasted on placement in the storage system.

    Flexibility, simplicity, scalability with an automated storage system:

    • does not require specialized shelving;
    • is not tied to levels – each section can have a unique set of shelves, which allows optimal placement of goods according to their weight and dimensional characteristics and quantity;
    • any of the platform tiers can be converted into a classic storage system;
    • it is also possible to organize a packing zone in the sorting zone. Then the way of transportation of boxes in the general conveyor system of the warehouse and, accordingly, the time of order processing of customers will be significantly reduced.

    Reducing the influence of the human factor:

    • the processes of placing, storing and transporting goods are automated as much as possible;
    • fewer errors. A person stands in one place and performs one operation;
    • the number of people involved in picking is many times less – thanks to a 5-6 times increase in productivity.

    Example 1. Using GNOM® AS/RS equipment in the e-commerce industry

    AS/RS GNOM® - 8 -

    Automated storage, receiving and placing in the cell, picking and placing on the conveyor.

    In this case, the storage area is fully automated.

    1. Three levels of storage, which occupy the 2nd,3rd,4th floor of the shelf mezzanine, consist of nth number of cells and robots moving along the rows.
    2. The number of boxes handled by the robot depends on the length of the row and the number of shelving levels, and the depth of the channel.
    3. GNOM® transfers selected trays with goods to spiral roller conveyors, which direct the goods to the picking area on the 1st level.

    Example 2. Using GNOM® equipment in production

    AS/RS GNOM® - 8 -

    Automated movement of trays between stages of equipment assembly.

    In the parallel-sequential type of equipment production, items are transferred between operations in partial batches or piece by piece.

    By using a robot and an automated storage system, we eliminate unnecessary movement of workers from one process to another, thus increasing the efficiency of the production process.

    Example 3: Use of GNOM® equipment in a pharmaceutical distributor's warehouse

    AS/RS GNOM® - 8 -

    Automated replenishment of gravity channels.

    AS/RS GNOM® integrates with real-time automated inventory management software. This allows accurate monitoring of stocks, ensuring that channels are replenished in a timely manner when needed.

    The robot reduces reliance on manual labor and greatly simplifies the automated gravity replenishment process, resulting in increased efficiency, accuracy and optimized space utilization – an overall cost reduction for warehouse operations.

    Technical advantages of GNOM® AS/RS equipment in warehouse systems

    AS/RS GNOM® - 8 -

    Security. Human access to the storage area that is equipped with the AS/RS system is restricted. This minimizes the possibility of injury.

    Overlapping levels. There is no need to use chipboard or other overlapping flooring:

    • reduce the cost. No certification and authorization documentation for chipboard;
    • use the existing fire extinguishing scheme without additional points on each floor.

    Heating. Significantly lower requirements for the heating system and consequently lower costs for maintaining the temperature. The automated robot can operate at a temperature of 12°C.

    Lighting and ventilation. There is no need to install an additional lighting and ventilation scheme on each level or warehouse floor.

    Video surveillance system. There is no need to install security cameras in the storage area. Cameras are only needed at the point of human picking.

    Data collection terminals. Reducing the costs associated with data collection terminals (DCT) by reducing the number of people.

    The load on the warehouse floor is lower compared to a platform design because the weight of the system is evenly distributed.

    Why is our warehouse equipment effective?

    Reliability of ASRS equipment: the company’s engineers design the equipment taking into account the specifics of goods and conditions of warehouse or production processes. Quality equipment and components from leading brands ensure acceleration of the technological chain due to reliability and automated warehouse processes. Uninterrupted operation of ASRS significantly increases business profitability and strengthens the competitive advantages of the enterprise.


    More than 11 years of experience: almost every object of our company is connected with special project conditions. We know exactly what needs to be taken into account so that our client gets the expected result.


    Precise installation of ASRS equipment: all works are performed by qualified employees of the service and installation departments, who have permits to work at high risk and perform installation in strict accordance with the drawings. The time of installation works is agreed with the customer, taking into account the specifics of warehouse operations and warehouse opening hours.


    24/7 technical support and scheduled inspections: under a service contract, each ASRS is assigned a rapid response team. Our customers receive timely technical support.

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