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    Box conveyor systems

    How to increase warehouse productivity and cut down energy maintenance costs?

    Driven roller conveyor is a flexible modular system intended to increase handling speed and improve warehouse productivity. The conveyor carefully moves trays between storage areas, being the main tool for implementation of the “goods-to-person” concept.

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    What makes KAPELOU Smart roller conveyor better than its counterparts?

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    We have organized in-house production of roller conveyors to ensure timely deliveries of high-quality conveyor systems. Besides, we have improved the standard roller conveyor design enabling our customers to:

    • Save energy due to synchronization of the logical zones — only zones required for transportation are switched into operation. Besides, saving is achieved through the use of 24V DC motors that are installed in each driven roller assembly.
    • Protect the cargo from damage — ZPA logic (zero pressure accumulation) incorporated into the driven roller conveyor, keeps distance between the boxes in case of the conveyor section stop.
    • Use the conveyor length efficiently — adjust relative distribution of cargo items along the conveyor length if one of the logical zones of the conveyor stops.
    • Change the configuration easily — modular design of the container conveyor allows changing roll pitch in the same frame to adopt the system to a product of different type or geometry.
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    Comprehensive warehouse solutions developed by the KAPELOU team — guarantee of operational integrity of your system

    KAPELOU conveyor modules

    The conveyor equipment is delivered in the form of prefabricated ready-to-assemble modules, which makes the installation procedure much faster.

    Modular driven roller conveyor is a key component for the creation of automation systems of any complexity. Vertical conveyors for boxes are installed where it is necessary to move items between platform and mezzanine levels.

    • straight roller conveyor
    • curved roller section (90⁰ / 60⁰ / 30⁰)
    • merge section (30⁰ / 45⁰ / 90⁰)
    Modular driven roller conveyor for bins

    Specifications of the driven roller conveyor

    Roller load on conveyor rollers
    Load on roller, min./max.
    2,5–35 kg
    Goods packaging dimensions
    Dimensions of containers, min./max.
    180×180×10 mm; 600×400×400 mm
    Belt Speed
    Conveying speed, min./max.
    0.1-2 m/s (adjustable)
    Electric motor
    24 V DC
    Life cycle of a driven roller conveyor
    Life time of the driven roller
    70-120 thousand machine hours
    Conveyor operating temperature
    Operating temperature range, min./max.
    0 ~ 40 °C
    Equipment noise level
    Noise Level
    max. 65 dB
    Relative humidity of the environment
    Relative humidity, min./max.
    10 ~ 70 %
    Equipment box types
    Container types
    Plastic tray; Cardboard box, Tablars

    Driven roller conveyor from KAPELOU — reliable and proven solution

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    Smart design of the driven roller conveyor enables local replacement of any element without the need to stop the entire conveyor system. This gives you confidence in continuous failure-free operation of your automation system.

    Here are some features that ensure improved reliability of the roller conveyor:

    • Life time of the driven roller makes 70-120 thousand machine hours, and life cycle of the entire system — more than 10 years
    • The driven conveyor features hot swap controller functionality: faulty controller is easily replaced without the need for programming or changing any other settings.
    • Each driven roller ensures motion of items within a certain conveyor zone. In case of failure of any element of the conveyor zone, only one zone stops, while the rest ones keep working.

    Our conveyor equipment benefits from the use of new-generation controllers and rollers, which allow to set precise speed of the driven roller conveyor for trays, ensure smooth conveyor starting and stopping, thus saving energy and reducing wear of mechanisms.

    Order a turnkey roller conveyor

    We’ll take care about all solution development and implementation stages: consulting, manufacture and installation of the equipment; therefore we’ll be fully responsible and guarantee trouble-free and efficient operation of the system at your warehouse.
    5 facts about tray conveying solutions from KAPELOU

    Turnkey conveyor systems solutions. Here in KAPELOU we put together all stages of the warehouse automation solution development: consulting, production of conveyor equipment, installation, commissioning and service support.


    Team approach. Specialists of our Project and Design departments, Mechatronics department, Assembly and maintenance department jointly work on the development of the project and its implementation. Besides, each project is controlled by a project manager. This ensures in-depth and complex analysis of the project tasks, selection of optimal solution and its sound implementation.


    High quality of the equipment. We purchase profile steel from Holland, controllers from Japan, and rollers from Germany. All process operations within the KAPELOU factory are performed by qualified professionals on DMG MORI and TRUMPF (Germany) metalworking machines, which guarantees precise machining of parts with accuracy up to 0.01 mm, and adherence to the scheduled time of manufacture.


    Experience. We have produced and installed more than 57 500 m of conveyors, which almost equals the length of 144 running track circles at the NSC Olimpiyskiy sports arena.


    24/7 service maintenance. Based on the maintenance servicing contract, incident response and maintenance team is assigned to each facility. This team regularly conducts preventive inspections and works, as well as promptly resolves any technical issues.

    Energy efficiency calculator
    The driven roller conveyor energy efficiency calculator will highlight potential savings from the use of our equipment.
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