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    HMI solutions significantly improve the efficiency of your warehouse operations.

    Operators can react flexibly to changing conditions through convenient touch panels, better control work processes and avoid downtimes and system failures.

    HMI panels for warehouse applications

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    We develop and build HMI that meets the requirements of any given warehouse and is equipped for integration based on the advanced touch screen and push button operator panels from Siemens, which allow easy programming. Due to the introduction of our HMI solutions warehouse personnel can access a broad set of useful functions:

    • displaying the current production process parameters, such as the amount of scanned cargo items and their numbers, operational data for certain conveyor sections, numbers (locations) of product loading or unloading cells, etc.;
    • setting process parameters, e.g. line priorities, enabling/disabling workplaces and conveyor branches, system operation schedule, allowable operational parameter ranges, etc.;
    • customizing consolidated progress and operational reports;
    • management of access rights for personnel;
    • archiving equipment operation data;
    • displaying equipment failures and alarms with error reset function;
    • data communication with adjacent equipment and more.

    The panels are on offer in robust and durable industrial design, while the graphical interface is customized taking into account the customer’s needs.

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    With a KAPELOU complete solution, the working performance of your system is guaranteed

    HMI efficiency for warehouse applications

    Do the following problems occur frequently in your warehouse?

    • Warehouse equipment signals a fault, but the operator cannot locate and identify the faulty element quickly and accurately and takes the wrong actions?
    • There is a need for adjustment of warehouse equipment during operation, but the operator is not able to change operational parameters in a flexible and prompt manner?
    • Any employee, including those with an insufficient level of competence, can access equipment control, resulting in malfunctions and failures?

    These are only some of the problems that regularly occur in the course of automated warehouse operation if it is not equipped with adequate number of operator panels — an important and efficient process control tool enabling interaction between a person and equipment — known as Human-Machine Interface (HMI).

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