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    Racking storage

    How to increase storage space and cut down warehousing costs?

    Warehouse racking systems are modular structures designed for multi-tiered storage of large volumes of single-type goods — pallets, piece or small piece products.

    Racking systems are invaluable when you need to increase useful storage area of the warehouse or organize an addressed storage system, reduce time for processing of goods and thus increase warehouse productivity.

    Advantages of solutions based on warehouse racking systems

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    Technically adequate design of warehouse space and storage on multilevel metal structures significantly increases warehouse space utilization factor.

    Warehouse storage solutions allow to:

    • Make maximum use of the warehouse area
    • Create controlled storage system
    • Simplify inventory checking and access to goods as they are always kept in sight
    • Increase processing speed
    • Use standard warehouse equipment (forklifts, stacker trucks, reach trucks) for placing/picking goods

    Racking systems can be expanded by adding new sections and dismounted for relocation due to modular construction.

    Solutions based on metal racking systems are used at manufacturing plants, warehouses of pharmaceutical companies, in the e-commerce and retailing sectors, automotive industry, postal and courier delivery companies.

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    Comprehensive warehouse solutions developed by the KAPELOU team — guarantee of operational integrity of your system
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    Shelving for small piece materials

    Modular design allows the user to adapt shelves to the product size by himself. Suitable for storage of:

    • Packaged small piece cargoes
    • Unpacked products
    • Products in cardboard packing
    • Parts and blank parts


    • Compact storage
    • Ease of operation
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    Carton live storage racks

    They have slightly inclined roller beds on each level to allow unit loads to be moved more easily. Carton live storage racks / shelving system increase the warehouse efficiency due to:

    • High storage density — up to 35% space savings
    • Orderly storage of goods using FIFO/LIFO type load management
    • 5-fold increase of unloading rate compared to conventional shelving systems
    • Reduction of time for movement of goods
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    Mobile and archive storage shelving

    Mobile and archive shelving for storing items in boxes, file folders, books, etc. Separate sections move along special rails, allowing to create a passage to provide access to the desired product.

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    Pallet racking

    For both lengthwise and transverse placement of pallets.


    • The structure can be easily modified of extend
    • Holds 2 to 4 pallets per section
    • Pallets are readily accessible

    Pallet racking can also be organized using:

    • Push-Back racking for LIFO type load management (last pallet in, first pallet out)
    • Drive-in racking that allows to slide pallets backwards
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    Live pallet racking systems

    For storage of materials on pallets Are designed for both FIFO (first-in/first-out) and LIFO (last-in/first-out) type load management.


    • Pallets are always located on the picking side
    • Uninterrupted supply of cargoes
    • Save up to 60% of floor space as the pallet trucks have to move along one side of the system only.

    Our projects

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    Mobile pallet racking

    Is ideally suited for storing of wide or changing range of products, for products with seasonal fluctuations in demand.

    The system is easy to operate, is controlled remotely and can be smoothly integrated into the warehouse management system. The system can be mounted both during construction of new facilities and in already existing buildings.

    • Ensures up to 40% saving of storage space
    • The features of mobile racking system allows to utilize up 75% of the warehouse volume
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    Cantilever racks

    Cantilever racks for storing long-length (oversized) items, such as pipes, profiles, sheet metal, structural steel sections, wood panels, motor tyres.

    Cantilever racks are designed and manufactured for a particular type of products.

    Order turnkey racking systems

    Our team performs all design and installation stages needed for implementation of a warehouse rack project. We offer a turnkey solution allowing to maximize utilization of your warehouse space and project implementation from a single provider.
    What makes KAPELOU storage and warehouse space optimization solutions effective?

    Robust design: the company’s engineers design racking systems in compliance with Eurocode 0 (EN 1990), Eurocode 3 (EN 1993), EN ISO 14122, EN ISO 12944, FEM 10.3.01, FEM 10.2.03 and taking into account specific features of the products, warehouse geometry, floor characteristics, carefully study and improve design options and optimize design of the storage system by using CAD software.


    High quality: we purchase robust and highly durable metal prefabricated warehouse racks from the leading European manufacturers. Each element and profile of the structure is certified in accordance with RAL-RG 614, DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. All structures have passed mandatory certification in Ukraine and comply with the requirements of State Standards of Ukraine DSTU B V.2.6-75:2008 and DSTU B V.2.6-199:2014. Besides, the structures bear the GS voluntary certification mark. The racking systems are produced in compliance with energy management system as per DIN ISO 50001.


    More than 9 years of experience: almost every project of our company is related to warehouse space optimization. We know exactly what factors need to be taken into account to deliver the result, which meets high Customer’s expectations.


    Precise assembly and installation works: all assembly works are carried out according to drawings by qualified technicians of the service and installation department, who have necessary permits for the performance of high-risk (hazardous) works. The installation time is chosen in agreement with the customer, taking into account specific features of the warehouse operations and customer wishes.


    24/7 customer support and scheduled inspections: based on the maintenance servicing contract, incident response and maintenance team is assigned to each system. Our customers always receive timely technical support and assistance.

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