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    Packaging solutions

    With packaging systems, you can automate storage processes quickly and efficiently.

    This reduces the error rate and increases the company’s productivity.

    Advantages of a packaging solution from KAPELOU

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    Packaging equipment is necessary for the rapid handling of goods. With their help, the process of setting up cartons, packing goods and closing cartons is carried out automatically.

    Modern packaging equipment in production has certain advantages:

    • оperation around the clock;
    • lower operating costs;
    • optimisation of shipping;
    • less dependence on staff skills;
    • savings in labour costs;
    • maintaining the appearance of the pack;
    • increase in packing speed.

    Conveyor systems can be added to the packaging systems for maximum warehouse productivity. This significantly reduces labour costs in the warehouse and the time needed for picking.

    These devices are used in manufacturing, distribution warehouses, e-commerce, pharmaceutical and automotive industries, as well as postal and courier services.

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    The complete solution from the KAPELOU team is your guarantee of the efficiency of modules and packaging equipment
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    Putting up boxes

    Fully automatic system for setting up of boxes.

    Technical data:

    • Speed: up to 20 cycles / min
    • Max. power: 2 kW – 4 kW
    • Working pressure: 6/7 Bar
    • Productivity: up to 3600 boxes / hour
    • Capacity for storage of products: more than 600 pieces

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    Packing the goods

    Packaging system for goods.

    Technical data:

    • Speed: up to 10 cycles per second
    • Operating pressure: 6/7 Bar
    • Vertical case packer for 1-5 standard cases with slots

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    Closing of the boxes

    System for sealing boxes.

    Technical data:

    • Speed: up to 5 cycles / min
    • Power: 20 kW
    • Working pressure: 6/7 Bar
    • Automatic low-floor pallet stacker

    Packaging solutions - 10 -
    Complete solution

    Technical data:

    • Speed: up to 900 cycles / hour
    • Power: 7 kW
    • Working pressure: 6/7 Bar
    • New generation automatic packing station

    Order ready-made packaging solutions

    Our team carries out all phases of planning and installation of the packaging modules. We offer complete solutions and project implementation from a single source.We ensure the maximum capacity of the packaging carton production processes.
    Why are KAPELOU solutions so effective?

    Reliability of modules and equipment: The company’s engineers design the equipment taking into account the specifics of the goods and the conditions of the production process. The high-quality equipment and components from leading brands ensure acceleration of the technological chain. Uninterrupted operation significantly increases the company’s profitability and strengthens its competitive advantages.


    More than 10 years of experience: Almost every project of our company is associated with special requirements. We know exactly, which aspects have to be taken into account, so that our customer gets the desired result.


    Precise assembly of modules and equipment: All work is carried out by qualified service and installation technicians, who are authorised to work in a high-risk environment and carry out the assembly in accordance with the instructions. The timing of the assembly work is coordinated with the customer, taking into account the specifics of the warehouse operation and the customer’s wishes.


    24/7 technical service and scheduled inspections: A service contract ensures, that a dedicated team is available for each system. Our customers receive immediate technical support.

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