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    WXS. LOW-CODE platform

    LOW-CODE platform, or a single window for automating warehouse processes.

    WXS is a set of software solutions from KAPELOU for managing, automating and interfacing various warehouse processes.

    Benefits of using the
    WXS low-code platform

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    Cargo transportation, picking/sorting systems, automated workstations, diagnostic tools all work in a single space integrated with the WXS low-code platform and other customer applications.

    1. Reliability. WXS is designed by our R&D department specifically for your needs and processes, which are unique. The low-code platform is an integral part of almost every project we undertake, has an intuitive interface and is a complete warehouse logistics software.
    2. Flexibility and scalability. Quick customization thanks to modular architecture, expandability as your company grows, compatibility with all logistics systems.
    3. Optimized automation deployment time. The R&D team is constantly improving the operation and functionality of the WXS low-code platform. At the moment, the benefits of using the software go to the end client and the internal project team on our side, but we give other integrators the opportunity to take advantage of this benefit.

    The WXS platform consists of components that allow you to create, customize and integrate conveyor lines, elevators, pick to light, put to light, pack to light, and automated workstations into a single branching system, each element of which can interact with other elements.

    Creation and customization of the system can be performed using the graphical interface and/or configuration scripts. The use of configuration scripts allows to take into account all peculiarities of the processes being automated. Process monitoring can be performed not only from the HMI in the control panel, but also from a remote computer in the warehouse local network, which significantly improves the operator’s ability to diagnose the existing problem.

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    Preserve your identity: automate your processes, and keep them as they are.

    Key features of the WXS low-code platform

    • equipment customization;
    • integration with web-services and databases;
    • equipment management;
    • interaction of related processes;
    • visualization/diagnostics of the system state;
    • development of software tools for workplace automation.
    Key features of the WXS low-code platform

    Advantages in WXS operation

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    Easily control the flow of goods

    As warehouse control software (WCS), the WXS low-code platform controls and coordinates the flow of goods in automated areas in real time.
    The warehouse process software also controls, monitors and integrates subsystems. In addition, the WXS low-code platform is a tool for modernizing warehouses with existing automation technologies.

    Achieving maximum productivity

    Maximize the productivity of your operations, including the control of automated warehouse equipment, with WXS.
    For example, the equipment management system ensures that conveyor lines, shuttle systems and robots accurately “understand” each other.

    The visual user interface of the WXS low-code platform is provided via SCADA: providing information on the technical status of the automated logistics system. In the case of a malfunction, there is an immediate notification with the cause and location of the error.

    Example of using WXS
    in a project

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    Our team uses the WXS low-code platform in almost every project. This means that the commissioning process requires three times less time and human resources than before.

    Thanks to the modularity of in-house equipment and low-code WXS platform, it takes only 3 days to implement small projects like pickup point for “Epicentr”. Read about one of the case studies based on WXS software here: Case study pickup point for “Epicentr” Kramatorsk.

    WXS – adaptation to business processes

    WXS is based on event-driven architecture, which allows the client to build business logic on the events that occurred without delving into the process of equipment management. Thus, WXS is responsible for the operation of the equipment, and the user is responsible for the logic of these operations. In order to describe their business tasks, they need basic programming skills in the Lua language, as well as knowledge of the WXS Lua API.

    Customer-integrator’s pain points that WXS solves

    By realizing the automation process based on KAPELOU conveyor modules and the WXS platform, the integrator customer receives a predictable cost, delivery, installation and commissioning of the project.

    Installation can be carried out by our specialists or other contractors, as the modules are delivered assembled, which significantly reduces the risk of installation errors.

    In case of relocation or change of warehouse topology, the equipment becomes movable property, as it is modular, therefore – universal. You can move it to another warehouse or sell it.

    LOW-CODE platform
    for automation of warehouse processes

    WXS software is an automated transportation of goods, picking of orders and sorting of goods, modern and convenient workplaces, and diagnostic tool.

    Why are our automated warehouses efficient?

    Comprehensive turnkey approach. The company united all stages of warehouse automation projects: consulting, production of conveyor equipment, installation, low-code platform setup, commissioning and service support.


    Teamwork. The design and engineering department, mechatronics department, installation and service department work on the development and implementation, and each project is assigned a project manager. This ensures elaboration of project tasks in a complex, selection of the optimal variant of equipment, software, low-code platform and high-quality realization.


    Experience in realization of more than 650 projects. Our automation case studies of varying complexity work in Ukraine and Europe, proving their effectiveness in practice.


    Service support 24/7. After commissioning of equipment and software we provide technical support. Under the service agreement, a response team is assigned to each facility, which guarantees prompt resolution of all issues.

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