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    How can you maximize the advantages of warehouse automation and justify your investments?

    Warehouse control system (WCS) is a key element of any automated warehouse facility. It coordinates and synchronizes the operation of lifting equipment, warehouse personnel and product flows. Warehouse control systems connect strategic tasks to specific processes, while improving global warehouse control effectiveness.

    What are the benefits of WCS?

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    The warehouse control system coordinates the operation of individual automated warehouse elements, ensures operational control of equipment and warehouse personnel, thus providing a wide range of functional capabilities including:

    • single user interface for all kinds of automated warehouse equipment;
    • interaction between WMS and automated warehouse equipment;
    • synchronization of the automation system, operations of personnel and material flows for decision-making purposes;
    • based on the current business process data, generating and transmitting commands to warehouse equipment for balancing current loads and product flow optimization;
    • provision of real-time feedback signals from automation systems;
    • giving instructions to operators based on the data for identification of the most efficient material flows;
    • determining product flow routes based on flow routing rules and the data received from WMS;
    • collecting statistical data and report generation.

    The WCS is a software module compatible with all known computerized warehouse management platforms.

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    With a KAPELOU complete solution, the working performance of your system is guaranteed

    Features of the control system for automated equipment, WCS

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    Warehouse automation is a cost-effective business investment. But how to get the maximum effect and at the same time coordinate the work? Warehouse Control System is software that allows you to control warehouse automation equipment. KAPELOU offers the implementation of control software in your enterprise. We configure and test software that provides complete control over hardware for errors and failures.

    System features

    The WCS program is designed to work together with the WMS management system. This combination allows you to effectively manage and fully control  the most important processes. The functionality is very extensive. You can use it to:

    • monitor the flow of goods;
    • synchronize the work of operators and automation systems;
    • locate goods in case of employee errors;
    • automate work processes;
    • manage warehouse equipment and transmit commands to equipment;
    • receive feedback in real-time;
    • collect information to compile reports, and create them quickly;
    • communicate information on efficient data flows.

    WCS is a universal product with a single user interface. It can be used in conjunction with all available platforms for warehouses and logistics centres.

    The management and control of an automated warehouse can be time-consuming.And creating reports for a quarter or a year can take a lot of time. We offer an effective solution that will make your work easier, and the process simple and productive.

    KAPELOU is your assistant in strategic management business processes

    KAPELOU is your contact for optimising your logistics processes

    KAPELOU implements complex solutions for businesses at affordable prices and with round-the-clock technical support. By purchasing a system from us, you get:

    • a reliable system that can work 24/7;
    • licensed software that requires no additional investment;
    • the possibility to control all main and secondary processes in the warehouse;
      technical support from our service team. Our experts will provide you with the necessary information or come to your warehouse at short notice.

    Contact us, if you would like to find out more about our facilities and the timescales involved in implementing a project.

    Reasons for ordering the WCS from KAPELOU

    Process optimization solutions. Thorough examination and analysis of current production and business processes and offering recommendations regarding process optimization.


    The entire system from a single provider. Our technicians select the required hardware and organize interrelated operation of the warehouse control and management systems (WCS and WMS).


    24/7 customer support. We always stay in touch with our customers. Based on the maintenance servicing contract, we’ll also assign incident response and a maintenance team to your system.

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