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Production warehouse automation for Kromberg&Schubert


Kromberg&Schubert is the largest corporation present in 35 countries over the world, which unites 40,000 people. The company produces electric harnesses for car brands like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen.

  • deliver a fail-safe system for finished order transport, which will operate automatically;
  • ensure system operability in manual and semi-automatic modes without losing the capacity.
Project implementation period:
The project was implemented over 14 weeks, February 2017
Business sector:
  • an automatic system for joining trays into a pyramid and feeding such pyramid onto a trolley was designed;
  • a picking area for a separate type of goods was automated;
  • a live roller conveyor for automatic transport of finished orders to the palletizing area was integrated;
  • a safe mechanism for manual transport of orders in case of a power outage was developed and integrated.