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Warehouse automotive components market

Kyiv, Ukraine

The company is steadily expanding its product range and developing comprehensive solutions for its customers. It was therefore essential:

  • to increase the number of SKUs;
  • to keep the ground floor space for arranging the expediting zone;
  • refrain from building new premises.
Project implementation period:
2019 – 2020
Business sector:

To arrange cell-based storage, we designed and installed a platform and a 3-level mezzanine rack by a German manufacturer.

As a result, we provided:

  • over 60,000 racks for small-piece items;
  • over 140,000 SKUs;
  • up to 35,000 m² increase in the storage space with the area of the warehouse itself of 25,000 m².

The space under the platform was left free for arranging the goods handling area.