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All-Ukrainian Logist’s Day 2024

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All-Ukrainian Logist’s Day 2024 - 8 -
28.11 - 29.11 / 2024

The XXXI All-Ukrainian Logistician Day is a communication and transformational platform for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to optimize their logistics operations. The Logistician Day is held in the form of an exhibition with a substantial program – a number of discussion panels, informal communication during networking, and an opportunity to get acquainted with technologies and tools for business growth and scaling.

KAPELOU, a manufacturer of automated and robotic systems and an integrator of integrated solutions for efficient warehouse logistics, is a traditional participant of the Logistician Day. Together with our customer, we will present a completed warehouse automation project at the conference. We will show how our equipment can increase warehouse throughput, reduce manual labor and speed up the processing of goods. Using our solutions as an example, we will demonstrate the relevance and value of automation to each individual business.

Modern logistics equipment and technologies, the implementation of which will increase the efficiency of logistics processes, cut costs, and reduce dependence on staff.

During the XXI All-Ukrainian Logistician Day we will share our experience in the implementation of integrated solutions to strengthen companies that want to reach a new level and increase efficiency.

At the conference we will answer all the questions of the visitors so that they can be convinced of the effectiveness of our solutions and the reliability of the warehouse equipment. We will tell you about the benefits of working with us. We offer a full cycle of automation and round-the-clock maintenance of our equipment, so that entrepreneurs can deal directly with business processes.

During the conference we will offer solutions and individual approach to each client, taking into account the company’s requirements and intralogistic needs. KAPELOU specialists will show how to reduce logistic costs, increase warehouse efficiency and improve employee comfort, based on examples of completed projects.

About the exhibition and conference the XXXI All-Ukrainian Logistician Day

The All-Ukrainian Logistician Day is a conference for useful communication and exchange of experience between representatives of transport and warehouse logistics. The participants of the conference will discuss the trends of logistics development, ideas for expansion of supply chains, improvement of goods delivery, increase of efficiency of goods handling and aspects of improvement of interaction with employees.

In addition to discussions, the program of the conference will include an exhibition of equipment and examples of solutions for improving the efficiency of logistics processes.

The conference will help to establish new contacts and fruitful cooperation – there are many potential partners and customers among the participants.

The All-Ukrainian Logistician Day brings together those who want to use modern technologies for their own growth and development of the logistics industry.

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