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102 m of roller conveyor tomotive distribution with 136,000 SKU


OMEGA is the largest distributor of auto components and tires in Ukraine. The company has nearly 30 years of experience. In May 2012, the company became a member of one of the largest European purchasing unions, TEMOT International Autoparts GmbH. This has ensured constant contact of the company with spare parts manufacturers. Also, it allows to continuously expand the range and develop this industry in Ukraine.

Therefore, OMEGA turned to KAPELOU to improve warehousing processes. The main tasks were as follows:

  • automate the transportation of about 136,000 SKUs;
  • to ensure the rise and fall of goods between the floors of the mezzanine;
  • reduce manual movement of goods;
  • speed up the work of the warehouse.
Project implementation period:
Business sector:
Automotive, Distribution

Our specialists from the conceptual department, design department, and engineering department have developed an individual solution for the automated conveyor system manufactured by KAPELOUⓇ that helps to solve these problems. Also, we performed installation, commissioning and system integration with the warehouse WMS.

As a result of automation it was established:

The entire conveyor system has an energy-saving function. This means that due to the synchronization of logical zones work only those areas that are needed for transportation at present. There is also a stop plate that prevents the load from falling off the conveyor.

For safety reasons, the system is equipped with an emergency stop function, which is activated by pressing the “Stop” button. Moreover, if a foreign object hits the rollers, the conveyor can be stopped manually.

Also was installed a control system of a German and Japanese manufacturer with a built-in, fault-tolerant microprocessor to control the conveyors. This system includes:

  • PLC Siemens;
  • SINAMICS frequency converter;
  • controller dual-zone ConveyLinx;
  • Siemens operator panel (HMI).

Thanks to the automation of the warehouse from KAPELOU, the productivity of the warehouse has increased, the work of the staff has become more efficient, and the process of moving cargo between the floors of the mezzanine has become faster. We thank OMEGA for many years of cooperation!