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Automation of the Belarusian pharmaceutical distributor

Minsk, Republic of Belarus

LLC “KOMFARM” is a pharmaceutical company that carries out wholesales of drugs from well-known manufacturers. The pharmaceutical distributor has been operating in the market of the Republic of Belarus since 1997. The company is included in the TOP-10 distributors of the country. More than 200 clients use the services of a pharmaceutical distributor. The retail network of the company includes 112 pharmacies located in different regions of Belarus. Since 2014, KOMFARM has been the general founder of the pharmaceutical company AmantisMed.

The assortment of the company – more than 11,000 items, warehouse space occupies 2,800 sq. M. The distributor delivers to Minsk several times a day and 2-3 times a week in the regions.

Project objectives:

  • accelerate the picking of orders in the warehouse;
  • reduce logistics costs;
  • reduce the workload on staff.
Project implementation period:
November 2020 - January 2021
Business sector:
Pharmaceutical distributor

To solve the set tasks of the pharmaceutical distributor, the KAPELOU team has developed a conceptual solution that takes into account all the features of the customer’s warehouse processes. We have implemented the technology of high-speed picking of goods by combining the KAPELOU® conveyor system and carton live storage system of the German company META.

To control the operation of the equipment and integrate with the WMS system Solvo, we wrote specialized software and prepared a warehouse topology.

The pharmaceutical distributor continues to modernize the warehouse and improve warehouse processes to meet market requirements. Therefore, KOMFARM is a reliable partner for customers and a leading pharmaceutical distributor in Belarus.