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Comprehensive automation of the pharmaceutical distributor’s warehouse

Gostomel town, Ukraine

Our client is Ukraine’s largest pharmaceutical distributor operating in accordance with the GDP standards. Throughout its 25-year history of successful operations, the company acquired over 460 partners, obtained 60,000 m2 of storage space, and extended its product range up to 12,000 items.

  • ensure storage capacity at the level of 2X, where X is the storage capacity of the distribution center before re-engineering;
  • maintain quality under the conditions of warehouse operations acceleration;
  • mitigate the need for warehouse workers;
  • reduce dependence on the skill level of warehouse workers;
  • implement integration of new equipment with the WMS.



Project implementation period:
Q2-3 2017
Business sector:
Pharmaceutical distributor
  • routing of order picking container movement along the conveyor based on the goods picking area was arranged;
  • automatic lowering/lifting of order picking containers by means of a helical conveyor was implemented;
  • an area for automatic weighing of picking containers with goods was set up;
  • conveyor transport of picking containers to the inspection area was arranged;
  • a system for sorting of packed orders along routes based on the Pick-by-Light system was installed;
  • a platform (mezzanine) was installed to increase the storage space of the warehouse;
  • various types of storage rack systems were installed.