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Automation of Pickup point and three times faster warehouse operation

Epicentr K, Lviv city, Ukraine

Epicentr K Group of Companies is a national network of 73 Epicentr shopping centers, 11 Nova Liniya hypermarkets, 51 INTERSPORT sports shops, agricultural and other business lines. Every year more than 51 million purchases are made in the shopping center of the network.

For those who like to buy online, the online store offers more than 1.5 million products. More than half of all online orders are picked up by buyers by self-pickup in Pickup point.

The shopping center in Lviv was built in 2006 and covers an area of ​​34,226 m2. In autumn 2020, the Lviv shopping center of the network is open to visitors after the renovation. Now it has a delivery hub and drive-in arena.

The renovated shopping center in Lviv has become even more popular and ships many online orders in its Pickup point. That’s why it was so important for our client to speed up the work of the online shopping point. Epicentr K turned to KAPELOU to find a solution to improve warehousing processes.

The main tasks of the automation project:

  • automate the transportation of boxes to the point of issue;
  • ensure the lifting of goods to the second floor of the warehouse for storage;
  • automate the descent of orders from the second floor;
  • reduce manual movement of goods.
Project implementation period:
October 2020
Business sector:
E-commerce, DIY, Retail

In order to reduce the time of issuing orders to the Pickup point, it was necessary to significantly speed up the delivery of goods from the warehouse and placement of goods for storage.

Our team approached the project comprehensively: studied the customer’s warehousing processes, developed a conceptual solution, manufactured conveyor equipment, put it on site, performed installation and commissioning.

For the decision we used the robotic conveyor equipment of own production:

It took up to a week to implement the project to automate the Pickup point of the  in Lviv. As all KAPELOU equipment is standardized, it is delivered in the form of ready modules, and for installation of system of automation it is enough to anchor the equipment

The warehouse automation solution provided:

  • automatic movement of goods up to 35 kg;
  • productivity up to 600 boxes per hour;
  • facilitating the work of staff.

Thanks to the automation of the warehouse from KAPELOU, the time of transportation of goods to the point of issuing online orders and customer service in the Pickup point was reduced by 3 times.