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Mondelēz Ukraine. Combined system for storing pallets with raw materials

Sumy region, Ukraine

We were approached by Mondelēz Ukraine, which belongs to the Mondelēz International group. In Ukraine the company is represented by brands of chocolate products, cookies, cookie cakes, chewing gums, lollipops.

Taking into account the variety of assortment of the leader of the food market of Ukraine in its category and the peculiarity of production facilities – storage of raw materials on pallets, the project tasks were defined.

  • To ensure the most efficient placement of pallets with raw materials in the warehouse;
  • to make it possible to store 700 pallet positions on the available warehouse area.
Project implementation period:
May-September 2023
Business sector:
Production of food products

In order to solve the set tasks, we installed a combined pallet storage system in the customer’s warehouse, based on KAPELOU gravity racks, front racks and Drive-in racks from a leading European manufacturer.

We pay special attention to safety in every warehouse project. In this project, we followed general building design requirements and QCMS Quality Procedural Elements good manufacturing practices. The materials used to cover the racking structures comply with fire safety regulations and have all hygiene and fire certificates. Loads are based on the current European standards FEM 10.2.02 and EN 15512 and the racking equipment complies with PS2-2A Racking System Safety guidance.

KAPELOU gravity flow racks for pallets

KAPELOU has a whole range of products for pallet handling. We have implemented one of these products, namely gravity flow racks for pallets, in a customer’s warehouse.

Gravity flow racks for pallets work with pallets of size 1,200×800, height up to 1,600 mm and weight up to 1,200 kg. The channel depth of the gravity racking is up to 6 pallets. The fill factor of the gravity racking system is 94.4%. To protect the frames, the construction is equipped with end bumpers.

Gravity flow racks facilitate the control of shelf life of raw materials in the warehouse, reducing the path of access to the goods. Placement of gravity channels next to each other or above each other contributes to the compaction of the warehouse. Compared to traditional racking, the implementation of gravity pallet racking in a warehouse offers the opportunity to save up to 60% of warehouse space.

Drive-in pallet racking

In order to organize the storage of a large number of SKUs of one type and the most compact storage of pallets in several channels, Drive-in pallet racking was used in the project. It realizes the LIFO (Last In, First Out) concept.

Thus, the goods that arrived last are removed first. Both loading and unloading of pallets takes place on one side of the rack. LIFO pallet stacking saves storage space and makes it possible to work with a wide range of goods.

The Drive-in racking provides a capacity of 432 pallet positions. The number of packaging in the depth of the channel is 3x-8x pallets.

Drive-in shelving is used to store a large number of identical items. This type of racking is suitable for seasonal or buffer storage, for storing goods that are on the rack for a long time.

To protect the frame racks, the racking design has U-shaped bumpers. To avoid damage to pallets with goods, the rack channels are equipped with guides for support frames.

Front racks

To work with any type of goods and to place two pallets in depth, we have installed front pallet racks, which realize the LIFO principle. Thanks to the front racks we provided a capacity of 49 pallet positions.

The list of installed equipment
  • KAPELOU gravity flow racks for pallets
  • Front racks for pallet storage
  • Drive-in pallet racking

Together with the customer, we have implemented an efficient and optimized solution for storing pallets of raw materials in the warehouse based on front racking, gravity racking and Drive-in racking. By combining the different pallet storage systems, the advantages of each of them can be maximized. The result is a maximum storage density of over 700 pallet positions weighing up to 1,200 kg.