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Warehouse autorage for 1,000,000 SKU

Kasta.ua, Brovary, Ukraine

Kasta.ua is the largest fashion marketplace for clothes, footwear and accessories in Ukraine and the leader in the category “Clothes and Shoes”. In 2010, the company began its activity with the Flash Sales model, and after 2 years of hard work, the number of registered members of the shopping club exceeded 1.5 million.

In mid-2018, Kasta.ua became a full-fledged marketplace where you can buy all types of goods: clothes, shoes, lingerie, dishes, household goods, cosmetics, household appliances, gadgets, electric vehicles, travel goods and more. Today, the online store kasta.ua features 15 000 famous international and local brands, and about 50 000 orders are processed every day. Today, the online store Kasta.ua features 15 000 famous international and local brands, and about 50 000 orders are processed daily.

The company is actively developing and expanding its assortment with new product categories. And this requires an increase in warehouse space and faster order processing.

Therefore, Kasta.ua requested the KAPELOU with the following tasks:

  • created a warehouse storage capacity for 1 000 000 SKUs;
  • ensure the shipment of collected orders at the level of 50 000 pcs/day;
  • increase the processing speed of products – replenishment/selection;
  • integrate new equipment with WMS.
Project implementation period:
April, 2018
Business sector:
Fashion, distributor

To fulfil these tasks, our experts have developed an optimal solution that combines a functional storage system and an energy-saving modular conveyor system from KAPELOU®. In creating this project, we took into account the intensity of the warehouse work 24/7. Also, our specialists performed commissioning and equipment integration with the existing WMS warehouse.

As a result, in the Kasta.ua warehouse it was established:

  • four-level mezzanine structure;
  • 204 m direct drive roller conveyor;
  • 134 m of direct non-driven roller conveyor;
  • 73 m of belt conveyor;
  • 2 vertical conveyors with a capacity of 270 cycles/hour each.

The entire automation system works harmoniously as a single organism. When a new product enters the warehouse, it is immediately transported on a conveyor belt to the storage areas and, using vertical conveyors, is transferred to the desired mezzanine level. The same principle of transportation, but in reverse order, applies to moving them to the packing and buffering area.

The four-level mezzanine structure deserves special attention. In this project, the useful storage area is 25 779 m², and the number of shelves is 49 620 pieces, which makes it possible to store the required number of SKUs. Moreover, to protect the goods from falling off the shelves, the shelving sections are equipped with a perimeter net fencing on each floor of the structure. And for the protection of personnel, the open parts of the aisles are fenced with comfortable handrails, knee restraints and skirting boards.

As a result, the client received a comprehensive solution that provided complete automation of all warehouse processes and enough space to store numerous SKUs in the warehouse.

We thank Kasta.ua for choosing KAPELOU and the opportunity to implement an interesting project in the fashion retail sector.

Warehouses of fashion-retailer

The warehouses of fashion-retailer are significantly different from others. At warehouses like this, do not use pallets. Each item is handled separately and is usually wrapped in cellophane and carefully stacked in piles, boxes, or stored on hangers. Moreover, during accepting goods at the warehouse, all clothes are necessarily marked with an individual label with a barcode. Considering this specificity of storage, special attention is paid to shelving and mezzanine structures. At the warehouses of fashion-retailer is used, the method of two-tier storage on shelves. When clothes are placed on the same level on hangers underneath each other, or combine hangers and shelves with boxes.

The intralogistics of the warehouse must be organized so that each individual item is freely accessible. In addition, the allocation to storage areas is based on the time of dispatch: long-term and urgent. For example, if this is a wholesale good, then such clothes do not stay in the warehouse for a long time and are immediately sent to the store. Retail stores last longer.

At the fashion-retailer warehouses, there are usually areas for receiving, sorting, storing, packaging and dispatching. But if the goods are sent to the customer directly from the warehouse, then are needed additional areas, such as the picking area, ironing area and steam treatment. Regardless of the intensity of the warehouse, quality control is required at each stage of storage.

Seasonality is an important condition for storing clothes. For example, outerwear should be stored on hangers, and fur coats are stored in specialized rooms where the temperature is constantly kept low. Also, in the warehouses of fashion-retailer, should be taken into account seasonal sales of stock goods. Because during these periods the intensity of the warehouse operation significantly increases.

The automation system really simplifies the work in the fashion-retail warehouse. With the special conveyor equipment KAPELOU®, the processes of receiving, sorting and moving goods around the warehouse are accelerated. Moreover, the machine vision system allows you to automate the process of counting goods, recognizing and reading their markings. And the paperless picking systems Pick by Light and Put to Light make easier the order picking.