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Comprehensive automated turnkey solution for Pickup point

Epicentr К, Kyiv region, Ukraine

Epicentr K is one of the largest Ukrainian retail chains. The main specialization of the company is retail trade-in home decoration goods, furniture, building materials, household chemicals, children’s goods, garden and vegetable products. The chain includes 68 construction hypermarkets “Epicentr K”, 10 objects of the network “New Line”, 52 sports shops “Intersport”, production and logistics facilities. The total retail space is 1.5 million m2.

Shopping centres “Epicentr K” are located throughout Ukraine and one of them is located in Bucha. During the reconstruction of the shopping centre in Bucha, it was improved zoning and internal navigation. Also was added new departments and shops, and the area was increased by 6 000 m2. In general, more than 110 thousand items of goods are presented in the shopping centre. Also, the renovated shopping centre housed the Pickup point, which was automated by KAPELOU specialists.

Tasks facing us:

  • speed up the of order processing;
  • ensure transportation of goods to the delivery area and between floors;
  • simplify the work of staff.
Project implementation period:
April, 2020
Business sector:
E-commerce, DIY, Retail

To ensure the speed of processing and issuing online orders at the Pickup point, our specialists have implemented several technological solutions, which includes robotic equipment manufactured by KAPELOU®, namely:

We also performed starting-up and adjustment works and integrated the equipment with WCS into the warehouse.

The entire conveyor system is equipped with protective elements for the safety of personnel and cargo transported. The drive roller conveyor and the belt conveyor have guides on two sides, which are attached along the entire line. The vertical conveyor is equipped with a protective grid at each level of the mezzanine, where the conveyor rises.

Because of the large number of orders, the work of the Pickup point is very intensive, so the roller conveyor also serves as a buffer zone. To prevent the transport container from falling off the conveyor at the end of the line, stop plates are installed. In places of loading of goods on the conveyor installed the stop-plate for protection of the person against damage to clothes about moving parts of the conveyor. Also, the stop-plate protects the rollers from a blow when trays are put on a conveyor.

As a result, the customer received a comprehensive automated turnkey solution, which made the work of staff more efficient and reduced the time of ordering from 10 minutes to 3.

We thank Epicentr K for many years of cooperation and the opportunity to implement new ideas.