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Modern pickup point in Kyiv. Processing 400 orders per hour

Kyiv, Ukraine

The popularity of modern automated customer service centers – pickup points – is growing along with the number of online orders. Our client Epicentr is actively developing its own pickup points and using them as an effective tool to increase customer satisfaction.

Taking into account the daily workload in the warehouse and the small area of 120 m2, we defined the following tasks for the project of a new pickup point in Kyiv:

  • automated replenishment of the intermediate warehouse before issuing goods to the customer;
  • automation of the transport of goods from the intermediate storage to the pickup area;
  • relieving the workload of personnel;
  • ensuring throughput and accuracy in order processing;
  • increasing the usable storage area.
Project implementation period:
June - August 2022
Business sector:
E-commerce, DIY, Retail

We developed a complete solution for the automation of the pickup point warehouse, taking into account all customer requirements. A vertical conveyor and a driven roller conveyor for boxes were installed to automatically transport 640 items per hour in the desired direction according to the flow of goods. These systems replenish the intermediate storage before delivery to the customer and transport the goods from the intermediate storage to the output area in a fully automated manner.

To increase the usable storage area of the pickup point and reduce the workload on personnel, we developed and installed a compact two-level conveyor system. The first level is responsible for transporting and picking goods, while the second is used for picking and staging SKUs. In this way, we have saved space and avoided the effort of manually handling the three processes in one place.

Installed systems:

Technology used in the project. Automated conveyor system for the transport of goods.

Thanks to the solution with the vertical conveyor and the powered conveyor, the customer has achieved the following advantages of the automated pickup point:

  • processing of up to 400 orders per hour;
  • transport of boxes weighing up to 35 kg;
  • speed of 2 m/sec when lowering/lifting the goods;
  • removal of up to 640 boxes per hour;
  • lowering and lifting of goods up to a height of 4 m.

The warehouse automation project for the pickup point in Kyiv was realized within 90 days – the implementation was carried out in parallel with the opening of the new store. We congratulate our partner on the business expansion and thank them for years of cooperation!